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My name is Jordan, and I create all the content on the website. Game Gush Gamer features blog content gushing about great or positive features of current games that I am playing. You can find articles that range from gaming news, gaming listicles, and general topics about gaming and related nerd/geek topics. Follow GGG on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Also, tune in to the GGG Podcast which plays automated voiceovers of every article post! Thank you for your valued support!

Join the Game Gush Gamer Group on Reddit or the We Love Video Games Group on Facebook! These groups are designed for any gamer to gush about any video game without negative or demeaning feedback. Nobody should be attacked for their opinion toward video games that are enjoyable to them. Let’s build a positive community together!


Latest from the Blog

  • Ory & The Effin Dragon: A Tribute To My Best Friend
    Hello friends and gamers, December 4th is the anniversary of my step-dad’s passing. He has been gone for 3 years now. The emotional trauma and pain caused by a loss […]
  • Confession Time: Final Fantasy Series
    Hello friends and gamers, There’s no shame in admitting that some of us favor Square Enix in the realm of JRPGs. They have published so many great games that are […]
  • Blog and Gaming Update Nov. 2021
    Hello friends and gamers, There has been an extended period of time that has passed since my last game gush. I want to provide an update on what I’ve been […]
  • Inspiration: Writing About Games Again
    Hello friends and gamers, Video game news has been a wild ride for Fall 2021. In the span of a few weeks: Sora was announced for Smash Bros. Ultimate. The […]
  • Game Gush: Maneater – Shark vs Man
    Hello friends and gamers, Maneater is a lovely feast fest developed by Tripwire Interactive and released in May 2020. In Maneater, play as a newborn shark that is sliced out […]
  • Gaming Update & Blog Intermission 6.13.2021
    Hello friends and gamers, I am on a mini vacation with my wife, and unfortunately did not bring my laptop. Thus, there will be a slight delay on posts until […]

Game Gush Gamer Lists

  • 5 Best New PS4 Games Coming Out June 2021
    Hello friends and gamers, June is here! It’s time to check out the 5 best and most hype new PS4 games coming out in the next few weeks! All 5 […]
  • 10 Best Xbox One Games Out Now in 2021
    Hello friends and gamers, Gaming Life 2001 Before we jump into the 10 Best Xbox One Games of 2021, I want to take a moment to talk about the good […]
  • Monster Hunter World: Top 15 Unorthodox Joke Weapons
    Hello friends and gamers, I’ve been thinking about the so-called joke and unorthodox weapons littered about the Monster Hunter series. You might have heard of some popular joke weapons from […]
  • Top 10 Video Game Moms (Characters)
    Hello friends and gamers, today is an exciting Mother’s Day bonanza! I constructed my list of top 10 video game moms. I know there are some of you, like me, […]
  • 12 Best Gift Ideas to Give Your Geek Gamer Mom
    Affiliate Disclosure: Click on the product links you are interested in to view the products on Amazon! I earn commissions for purchases made through links on the post and at […]
  • Monster Hunter World: Top 12 Favorite Armor Sets
    Hello friends and gamers, I’ve been busy upping my rank on Monster Hunter Rise’s gathering hub quests, and the landscapes keep bringing me back to the thought of how well […]


Game Gush Posts

  • Game Gush: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
    Hello friends and gamers, And hello anime enthusiasts! Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 will be entering the Game Gush zone today! Before that, I will list a brief history […]
  • Game Gush: Spartan: Total Warrior (2005)
    Hello friends and gamers, What’s greater than roleplaying as a total badass Spartan warrior? A badass Spartan warrior who has combat prowess and abilities on par with the Greek God […]
  • Game Gush: Guitar Hero & Rock Band
    Hello friends and gamers, Do you know what game I really miss? Guitar Hero and Rock Band! It’s been about 10 years or so since the last full band bundle […]
  • Game Gush: Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate
    Hello friends and gamers, you’ve just gained entry into the Kookie Koliseum, the grandest arena of Outworld! Welcome all to the Game Gush Show, featuring your latest champion, Mortal Kombat […]
  • Game Gush: Monster Hunter World
    Hello friends and gamers, I’m still on the Monster Hunter hype train, so today’s game gush will feature one of my all-time favorite video games of the decade: Monster Hunter […]
  • Game Gush: Dragon’s Dogma
    Capcom. Ohhh Caaaapcom! Why are you hiding from me? I need you to make a sequel for an amazing video game known as Dragon’s Dogma! Now for anyone who hasn’t […]


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