Video Trailer: Century: Age of Ashes

Century: Age of Ashes is an exciting and upcoming game prepping for launch on Steam’s Early Access sometime in April 2021. This fire-breathing, arena-battling, class-based, and high-flying game will come to life in the form of a free-to-play competitive-multiplayer dragon deathmatch! Gamers have had plenty of run-ins with fighting dragons in the last decade, but the gaming world does need more titles that consist of riding or taking control of these powerful creatures. Independent Game Developer, Playwing, released more information on their website and an official gameplay trailer about their highly anticipated game. The details and gameplay appear to be a nice refreshment for players who love to take control of the benevolent beasts. Without further ado, here are five reasons you should play Century: Age of Ashes.

1. Free-to-Play

What is better than controlling dragons and melting the skin right off your opponent? Being able to control them for FREE, of course! That’s right—no hidden paywall! Need extra time to socialize with your friends, and the wallet is empty? Are you tired of losing a few rounds in your favorite battle royale or online matches? Sink some extra time into Century: Age of Ashes! Take flight with your best bud and dominate the skies!

2. Game Modes

There are three types of game modes available at Early Access: Carnage, Survival, and Gates of Fire.

Carnage is a thrilling dome of mayhem! The 6v6 game mode will be an all-out team deathmatch, and with a focus on special power-ups that appear throughout the arena for you and your dragon to inflict maximum carnage!

Survival is a game mode that allows up to 18 players divided into three teams (6v6v6). Beware of a burning hole in your wing because there are limited respawns! Not only that, but an ally will also have to rescue you before bringing you back alive. Survival will be a true testament to the player’s dragon-rider skills!

Gates of Fire is your classic example of capture the flag. Two teams battle to obtain each other’s flag and the player holding a flag will gain points within the arena when flying through special rings. There is something about destroying everything in your wake as an all-powerful dragon that feels so satisfying.

3. Classes & Abilities

Like the three types of game modes, there will be three types of classes available at Early Access: Skeldin Windguard, Naerdor Phantom, and Svard Marauder

Female dragon-rider wielding spear and shield in front of a white, slender-necked dragon.
Image: Century: Age of Ashes

Skeldin Windguard—The Windguards will be your bread-and-butter support role for the perilous battles ahead. Trained as knight-protectors, the Skeldin Windguards use their mount’s powers to defend allies at all costs. Skills and abilities of the class include dashing to an ally, providing a temporary shield when nearby, healing a small portion of health, and lastly, releasing a poisonous smoke trail that will blind enemies. If you’re in a tight spot, seek out your Skeldin Windguard!

Masked dragon-rider wielding a sword and shield and the dragon behind him.
Image: Century: Age of Ashes

Naerdor Phantom—The Phantoms are a royal line of heirs from the first dragoneer order. The Phantom class will act as an infiltrator role. The Naerdor Phantoms use their mount’s stealth to escape from harm or cause a quick death. The player can cloak for a short duration, plant mines that stick to any surface, and shoot a shockwave that pushes enemies out of range. This character has all the cool vibes: from his bristled dragon, fine-layered metal armor, and infiltrator mask… to his fierce battle stance that radiates an aura of pure malicious intent! If that sounds amazing, then this class is calling your name!

Posed knight with a sword and shield
Image: Century: Age of Ashes

Marauder—The Marauders will act as your judge, jury, and executioner. These skilled poachers and ruthless bounty hunters use their mount’s prowess to track opponents and hunt accordingly. Abilities include throwing a fireball into a locked-on enemy, increased damage on tracked enemies, destroying fireballs that target you, and shooting three projectiles that deal high shield damage or reduces turn-speed if the enemy does not have a shield. Players who love the smell of blood and enjoy the taste of victory will be excited to play this warrior role!

4. Gameplay

The official gameplay trailer is purely designed to impress anyone with an itch for a multiplayer dragon arena! The trailer showcased stunning environments, dynamic air control, three classes, three completely distinctive maps to play on (Hünavatn Lake, Fjalnärr Basin, and Aldrün Sanctuary), three game modes, professional cutscene graphics, and gorgeous visual effects!

5. Updates

Upon the fully released version of the game, the team over at Playwing plan to add more content such as new dragon rider classes, more maps, and other new features throughout 2021. An extra addition, like many other free-to-play games, will be the option to fully customize your rider and dragon. These options can be unlocked through playing the game or via purchase, but these will only be cosmetic appearances and do not affect any gameplay stats!

Are You A Dragon-Rider?

Century: Age of Ashes is in closed beta March 12-21st, and the early access will release sometime in April. If you enjoy dragons, mayhem, and competitive online matches, you should already be jumping to the game on Steam. Watch the official gameplay trailer, join the closed beta, join the early access squad, straddle on your mount, take flight, and reign terror on your foes from above!

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