Outriders First Playthrough Experience Review

Sharing my first playthrough experience of Outriders to gain insight into what the game feels like through the eyes of a gamer dad.

Sharing my first playthrough experience review of Outriders will hopefully allow casual gamers, parents too busy to play, students who are cramming study notes for an exam, or even hardcore/competitive gamers, to gain insight into what the game feels like through the eyes of a gamer dad. Anyone can look up a YouTube video showcasing a step-by-step walkthrough, best builds, overpowered abilities, legendary weapons, and legendary armor. I love to do that too because nothing feels better than becoming a weapon of mass destruction, am I right?

First Outriders Playthrough Experience Review

Before I ascend to mighty Kratos status, I usually enjoy the first video game playthrough by having a fun time and including some experimentation on my own! There comes a point in time on a video game when I know I’ll never find all the best gear or options, so yeah… Eventually, you’ll find me on YouTube looking at the latest cheese squeeze for my favorite game!

No Spoilers! Only general story info presented. My first playthrough experience will mainly focus on gameplay features.

What is Outriders?

Outriders is a new video game published by Square Enix that was released on April 1, 2021, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia. People Can Fly, one of the leading AAA studios in Poland, developed the third-person role-playing shooter. You may know this team of visual and technical creators for their works on Painkiller, Bulletstorm, Gears of War, and Fortnite!

Story Background

Similar to the story background of Mass Effect: Andromeda, Earth is assumed to be in shambles, and the survivors are scouring the stars to find a new home. They find a planet called Enoch that seems to inhabit lifeforms, so they send crews to the surface to study more of the planet before officially calling it home. The crews that land are people called Outriders because these are the soldiers that go out and ride on their militarized space trucks to clear land and wipe out any hostile forces before colonization.

Nice Planet

The planet seems to be a beautiful atmosphere fit for a new Earth, and the passive alien beasts roaming the grassland are reminiscent of large cows. After scouting ahead, the player will pass by the grassland for a second time when strange readings on the scanner ping an intense blue energy storm nicknamed The Anomaly. The Anomaly spirals across the landscape wreaking havoc in its wake. People die, passive alien creatures transform into hostile alien creatures, the sky is masked by lightning storms, and the ground violently rips apart.


The player’s character is injured by the Anomaly and soon pushed into cryostasis. Luckily, the player lives but wakes up 31 years later to a turbulent Enoch. Human factions have been formed, warring at each other for the last bit of food, water, and supplies found on the planet. Alien creatures guard territories in large packs. Blood and death are felt around every corner. The Anomaly literally changed everything, including the player. People who lived after being in contact with The Anomaly possess supernatural abilities. These people are nicknamed as the Altered, and now you’re one of them.

Outriders Customization & Classes

Before being dropped into Enoch, I was able to customize my character. Pretty normal stuff to choose between. Select male or female. Select head shape, skin color, eye color, hairstyle, and add any scars to the face.

The hardest decision in the game is up next! Carefully select your preferred class! At launch, I had 4 different ones to choose from Technomancer, Pyromancer, Trickster, and Devastator



Proficient in sniper rifles and assault rifles, the Technomancer prefers a long-range approach and uses gadgets/tech to support allies. The Technomancer is the only class available that is able to unlock an ability to heal the entire party, so I imagine the Technomancer will be a vital role in Endgame content.


Medium-range is the danger zone for enemies of the Pyromancer. Assault rifles, submachine guns, and scorching hot magma melting the opposition should paint a pretty picture for this class. You know, if the picture wasn’t incinerated to ash.


Shotguns, shield protection, and assassination are all the skills you need to be a close-ranged Trickster. You’ll find yourself in plenty of close-range battles in the game, so the healed health and shield protection for close-range kills mean longer life sustain.


Entering the arena: the Devastator! Be prepared to soak up bullets like the worn-out sponge you are when you play as this tank class. Taking center-stage, you will gain abilities to protect yourself and your allies, including one that reflects bullets. Go get ’em, tiger!

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