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Hello friends and gamers,

Imagine that it’s been a long hard day at work. “Shouldn’t be too hard,” I’m sure you’re thinking already. “Oh yes, my day has been absolutely long and hard and stressful.” Well, why not cool off with a nice, relaxing match of Warzone? How about another stress-free attempt at keeping Ashley safe in Resident Evil 4? Come on, winning a battle against Isshin Ashina or Sephiroth shouldn’t be too difficult today! I bet those video games really relieve stress, huh? Just kidding.

Dying over and over for the 40+ time isn’t exactly on the list of things I enjoy when playing a game… Sometimes. There are plenty of gamers out there that need some way to relax after a long day—like a game that will calm the nerves, soothe the spirit, and can easily be picked up years later without stressing to remember the controls. Here are 9 video games that you need to play to relieve stress!

1. Farm Together

video games relieve stress
Image: Milkstone Studios

You, me, together on a farm. Sounds great! Start with a small plot of land and slowly expand the farm into a paradise. Soon you’ll need feeders, ranch hands, tractors, and fast travel points! I have been playing Farm Together with my wife for years now, and there is always something to do in the game.

Farm Together combines the best ideas that you love about a farm simulator but adds on the power of friendship. Grow crops, plant trees, take care of over 20 different types of animals, go fishing, and much more! Decorate using a multitude of items for your farm. Build roads, fences, buildings, and furniture. Earn experience for everything you do and unlock even more items to use for days and days of gameplay! Customize your avatar, clothes, tractor, and join others to farm together.

Farm Together is a fun and relaxing video game that will easily relieve the stress of the day. You have been warned because the stress-free environment can be very addicting though! So much so that you may not be able to put the game down haha

2. Glass Masquerade

Glass Masquerade is a peaceful and relaxing video game to relieve stress by OnyxLute. Finish jigsaw puzzles by piecing together hidden shards of glass. Once you arrange the first puzzle to completion, you realize it’s a stained-glass art decoration inside a clock. The beautiful design thematically relates to the country that is selected for the puzzle. These are gorgeous masterpieces synced with a calm soundtrack that adds to a true blissfulness.

Difficulties of each puzzle are rated 1-5. Honestly, with no time limit and freedom to try out as many pieces as you like, Glass Masquerade is one of the most relaxing puzzle games to exist. Taking only 10-30 minutes for each puzzle, Glass Masquerade is a beneficial relief when you need a short break from stress.

3. Spiritfarer

video games relieve stress
Image: ThunderLotusGames

Spiritfarer is an amazing video game to relieve stress. You play as a girl named Stella who becomes the new ferry master of the deceased, a Spiritfarer. Upgrade your boat to explore the world, save spirits to become their friend, shelter and care for them, and spend an endless amount of time with your spirit passengers. Rescue spirits, farm crops, fish for tuna, cook meals, catch lightning, and relax as you talk and hug your spirit friends forever.

Except, as a Spiritfarer, guiding spirits to the afterlife is the right thing to do. Spiritfarer fiddles with your emotions and morality. You rescue the spirits, befriend them, care for them, learn from them, and all of these bonds are what make it so difficult to think about sending them off to where they belong. Despite the tears that you will have, Spiritfarer is an astonishing game to play when you need a tonic for stress.

video games relieve stress
Image: ThunderLotusGames

“Spend relaxing quality time with your spirit passengers, create lasting memories, and, ultimately, learn how to say goodbye to your cherished friends” – ThunderLotusGames


  1. Great list! I play Farm Together, Animal Crossing (since Wild World), Stardew Valley, and Flower. Some other titles I love are A Short Hike and Slime Rancher, very relaxing too.

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