Hello and welcome back to Game Gush Gamer, my favorite Gamer Guys, Gamer Gals, and Gamer Gamers! It’s been an exciting 2.5 weeks since the launch of my gaming blog! I have my homepage, blog page, media page, and achievement/trophy hunter page all setup. There are a lot of new pages I’m looking to add in the future, but you know the saying, “Quality takes time.” I categorized Recent Posts, Lists, and Throwback Thursdays under my blog menu for a quick and easy access to my most popular posts. I have a sidebar and corner menu that consists of a Follow Button, Subscribe to Email Button, Google Translate, Blog Community, Tweets, and more related posts.

What’s New?

Coming Soon

In the upcoming weeks, I will be rolling out fresh content that deals with Indigenous characters in video games, an accessibility game for the deaf, another First Playthrough Experience, more Throwback Thursdays, more Lists, and if I can squeeze it in, adding a content page for video games that deserve remakes or sequels!


Huge shout out and thank you to all followers and supporters for joining me in the gaming community and staying up-to-date with new content on the site! I appreciate everyone who reads the articles, listens to podcasts, follows on social media, and shares the love of a new gaming community!

Currently, there is not enough traffic to generate a forum page for fans to Game Gush in a centralized area, but I fully plan to implement a Game Gush forum page in the future so that anyone in the community has a free space to gush openly about any game without fear of attack, retaliation, or demeaning feedback.


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