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Rain on Your Parade Game Gush Review

Play the Rain on Your Parade game, where you take control of a cute and mischievous cardboard cloud and RAIN misery and turmoil on your FOES!

Every once in a while, you catch yourself having a bad day. Nothing seems to go right. You spill your coffee on your new shirt. Drop your donuts all over the seat of your car. Break down with a flat tire on the side of the road. Penalized at work for being late. Well, you know, you’re just having a bad day. It’s like the world decided to rain on your parade and laugh about it like your life is a game.

Do you ever wonder what that feels like to be the misery slinger on a happy day? Then play Rain on Your Parade, where you take control of a cutely mischievous cardboard cloud and RAIN on your FOES! Unlock abilities and customization options in over 50 levels and enjoy loads of slapstick comedy! This game is really fun and comes with a lot of humor to cheer you up when you’re having a bad day. Here’s my first playthrough experience!

Start Your Cloud Engines – Rain on Your Parade

rain on your parade game

Launching the game, I’m introduced to the starting menu between selecting start, settings, and credits. Rain on Your Parade has one of those starting menus that I wish every game implemented in some way. You don’t just select the buttons. You don’t measly scroll down and plainly click the start icon. I am already playing as the happy cloud who can move about the starting menu area freely. There are 3 NPC humans roaming around on a nice, sunny day, enjoying a picnic in the grassy park.

Now, I can choose to ignore these people, but let’s face it, as soon as I realize the action button produces rain, I have to do it—rain on their parade. “Ah!” they scream, running from the traumatizing event of how rain showered upon them on such a hot day. The cloud clenches his teeth, basking in the glory of ruining spirits. After that’s done, I casually float over to the start menu and rain on the button to begin the gaming journey.

The opening in-game cutscene starts with a parent telling their child a bedtime story, and the parent makes up this story as they go along. The story is about a cloud (us) that rains on people’s parades. For reference purposes, I refer to the cloud as Mr. Cloudboy. Since the levels are based on a bedtime story being made up as it goes, the levels are all unique and require different things to be completed.

Rain on Your Parade Customization

From crashing a wedding, to fighting a dumpster fire, to planting a garden, to rocking out in the moshpit, to setting kid’s birthday presents on fire because they didn’t invite the child to the party, and to encountering a villain that hates clouds and rhymes, Mr. Cloudboy wears many hats (literally!). Every level has main objectives to complete to move to the next level. Secondary objectives being completed will unlock hats and other accessories for the cloud to wear. You also have a choice between cloud colors!

Mr. Cloudboy naturally has a smiley face that clenches teeth when pressing action buttons, but you do have the option to draw a customized face! I am not an artist, but I did try to do one at first. If you draw a face, the cloud doesn’t clench his teeth anymore, so I just left it natural. One more reason why customization is awesome: no microtransactions. All customization options are unlocked strictly by doing things in the game. Woohoo!

Rain on Your Parade Hidden Objectives

Speaking of objectives, some levels even have HIDDEN objectives! On a level called Campground, I explored the whole environment and rained on all of the humans I could find. Soaking all the humans was not an objective. I did this out of the habit to explore everything a level has to offer. I was happily shocked when the hidden objective popped up and marked complete. Finding a secret is like uncovering the murderer in a mystery crime thriller. It felt good!

Levels & Pacing

The game does great at pacing levels and abilities. By the time you start to dissipate from being a master of rain, you unlock the Thunder ability which adds variety to levels you already completed, but adds more complexity in the levels ahead. Once you feel like a master of Thunder, you hit another ability in the game, and again, this adds variety to already completed levels but more complexity for future levels. Rain on Your Parade continues to do this until beaten so it’s great!

Metal Gear Solid Cameo

My favorite level is the Metal Gear Solid cameo where Mr. Cloudboy sneaks through a compound to destroy an Anti-Cloud Weapon. All while wearing a bandana like the classic Snake that many gamers love. Like Rob from PlayStation Access on YouTube, I love the mess out of Metal Gear Solid. This was a very fun level that I was not expecting to play. I even lost on purpose to see what would happen. In true Metal Gear fashion, the narrator yells, “Cloud. Cloud! Cloooooooud!”

Rain on Your Parade Characters

Each character has an individual personality, and I love the slapstick comedy dialogue in this game. Across the skies, you’ll meet an elderly farmer woman, a frog (cameo of Frogger), a cloud as old as time, and more. One of my favorite characters is Buggy, a bug who wants to talk about Greek architecture. He was only created for one scene in the game to tell the player to contact the developers if we encountered bugs. My other favorite was the Lochness sea monster, who was drawn on cardboard because the developers didn’t have a budget to make her a full 3D model. Although humorous, I felt an ounce of heartache for the characters to be real. Maybe that’s just me.

Can You Pet the Dog?

rain on your parade game

Rain on Your Parade Indie Game

Rain on Your Parade is an Indie game I would have never played if not for Xbox Game Pass. Honestly, Xbox Game Pass has allowed me to explore so many games that I normally wouldn’t have a budget to pay for, and Rain on Your Parade is a fun video game to play during my spare time or when my online buddies aren’t on. I highly recommend playing this game for a few short hours of fun! I hope it makes your frown turn upside down.

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