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Today is National Superhero Day, a special day to gloat about your favorite superhero/superheroine. Here are a few of GameGushGamer’s favs!

Today is April 28th, which means it’s National Superhero Day! Today is a special day to gloat about your favorite superhero/superheroine. Stumble upon the occasional argument of who’s better: Superman or Batman. Reminisce about the dearly beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe and Arrowverse and DCU. Tell everyone who will listen about how the Batman Arkham video game series is easily the best superhero gaming universe (don’t try to convince me otherwise). In celebration of National Superhero Day, here’s a few of my favorite heroes!

National Superhero Day – Marvel Universe

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

Spiderman is amazing! So many fans love Spiderman because of his web-slinging abilities. He’s also a National Superhero because he’s a relatable teenager/college student just trying to do the right thing in day to day life. Peter understands protecting innocent people is a huge responsibility and chooses to do it without a second thought. We are so used to his spidey senses, agility, and comedic relief. We forget he’s also a pretty smart dude with extreme stamina and strength. I grew up with the Spiderman movies and even had bed sheets with Spiderman on them. Spiderman, he’s always a hero close to my heart.

spiderman national superhero day

Gritty Wolverine

Compared to Spiderman, Wolverine is a polar opposite. Instead of witty banter, Wolverine is known to be fierce, bitter, brutal, and serious. He had a hard, rough life. The Weapon X program didn’t really help with his mental stability. Luckily, Logan soon comes to his senses and joins the X-Men in the idealism of co-existence for humans and mutants. He’s also not afraid to get his hands dirty, chopping up limbs and doing whatever is necessary to protect humanity. I personally enjoy gritty heroes, so Wolverine is a favorite on National Superhero Day. Side note: Hugh Jackman is the best!

wolverine national superhero day

National Superhero Day – DC Comics

The Flash

Honestly, when discussing overpowered abilities, using the speed force is hard to beat. With enough speed, you can practically do anything imaginable. The Flash prides himself on being the fastest man alive, but he is literally so much more than that. Hello, he beat Superman in a race across the ocean. One of my favorite moments is when he vibrates an entire airplane through a bridge to avoid it crashing into oblivion. His ultimate sacrifice during the Crisis on Infinite Earths was also super heroic, sparing enough time for the surviving heroes to save the world against Anti-Monitor. I’m glad to see the Flash has earned more recognition since the CW series aired. He’s a fun character to fight with in the Injustice 2 video game. Celebrate this track-star on National Superhero Day!

the flash national superhero day

Dick Grayson

Yes, one of my favorite superheroes is the most respected sidekicks in comic history. Over the course of Dick’s career, he’s been called the following:

  • Richard John “Dick” Grayson
  • The Flying Grayson
  • Batman’s crimefighting partner, Robin
  • Boy Wonder
  • Leader of the Teen Titans
  • Undercover villain, Renegade
  • Hero of Bludhaven, Nightwing

Transforming from Gotham sidekick to Bludhaven superhero is no small feat. He paved his way there through training, patience, dedication, and experience. Also, his weapons are awesome! He primarily wields Escrima sticks for both offensive and defensive stances. They are made of an unbreakable polymer and can be used in a variety of ways to overcome his adversaries.

It was cool that Arkham Knight provided DLC to beat up Penguin goons as Nightwing, and I definitely enjoy any game that let’s us fight with his Eskrima sticks. The highly anticipated Gotham Knights video game was pushed back again but I’ll patiently wait. Give the dark-haired lad a round of applause for National Superhero Day!

GameGushGamer Universe

National Superhero Day – Scarlet Specter

Scarlet Specter is my own superhero idea that I created a few years ago. Penelope Gristle (9 years old at the time) drowned with her brother, Roger (14 years old at the time), in a fictional lake called Lake Chizacawa. Unknown to Penelope, her brother bartered with the god of the lake to take his soul on the terms that the god would resurrect his sister. The god of the lake agreed to Roger’s terms, and the next thing Penelope remembered was floating above the lake as a spectral wraith.

She found her body washed up on shore and laid inside it to come back to life. Since then, she learned she had supernatural powers. She can phase through objects, rapidly heal to physical attacks, fly, enhance vision, and possesses hidden powers yet to be seen.

Now, at 17 years old, she fights crime to honor her brother’s memory because he wanted to become a police officer. She uses her powers to take on the local mafia in the fictional city of Bastlecount, Texas, and gains a loyal sidekick along the way, Gabriel Galloway. I wish I had the time and ability to flesh out my superheroine in a full-on comic series, but for now, I am happy knowing I created something awesome in my own head haha plus I get to share the love of imagination and creativity!

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