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Hello friends and gamers,

Today marks the beginning of Star Wars week! For the next 4 days, I’ll be gushing about a different Star Wars video game up until the end of May the 4th Be with You! To celebrate the Star Wars universe, I created some fan polls that you can access by clicking here or by clicking on the image below. Let’s start off Star Wars week with one of the best Star Wars video games, Jedi Fallen Order. I am not disappointed that I gave this one the time of day. If you haven’t played Jedi Fallen Order, I highly recommend giving it a shot!

Cal Kestis facing off against Trilla Suduri holding the Holocron Jedi fallen order

Jedi Grandmaster Difficulty

If I was going to be in a world ravaged by the Imperial Army, I thought that I shouldn’t be able to survive a lightsaber attack. That is why I did my first playthrough on the hardest difficulty: Jedi Grandmaster. On Jedi Grandmaster difficulty, the combat feels close to Dark Souls but with the addition of Force abilities and a backdrop of Star Wars lore. After a few hours, I grew even more excited to play on this difficulty because I did die… a lot. But I knew it was because I manually messed up, and not because of some flaw in the combat system.

Enemy types had readable attacks and abilities to parry or dodge. I only remember one boss fight where that was an exception. Jedi Fallen Order features a variety of foes from the Star Wars universe. Native creatures, droids, Stormtroopers, cybernetic bounty hunters, and large vehicles like the AT-AT and ITT. In addition to all that, the storyline is UH-MAZE-ING! And if you know me, I’m a sucker for great story/character writing.

Jedi Fallen Order Synopsis – Minor/Major Spoilers Ahead

Jedi Fallen Order takes place five years after the Revenge of the Sith movie. You play as Cal Kestis, a Jedi Padawan who hides his Force-sensitivity on the planet of Bracca. He salvaged Clone War vessels as a scrapper until the Second and Ninth Sister, Imperial Inquisitors trained by Darth Vader, found him. Cal is luckily rescued by a former Jedi Knight, and they flee to outer space. They embark on a journey that leads to learning about the Zeffo, an ancient civilization of Force-wielders. He also learns of a vault that contains a list of Force-sensitive children.

With the hope of restoring the fallen Jedi Order, Cal sets out to find a key to the vault. After wandering between the planets of Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyyk, Dathomir, and Ilum, Cal obtains the key to open the vault on Zeffo. Inside the Zeffo vault is the Holocron which contains the list of names of Force-sensitive children. The Second Sister, Trilla Suduri, steals it from Cal and flees to Mustafar’s oceanic moon, Nur.

Cal follows her and battles through the fortress, ultimately besting her in a final lightsaber duel. Cal obtains the Holocron once again when suddenly Darth Vader menacingly appears and quickly strikes Trilla down for her failure. After a heart-pounding escape by the hair on his chinny-chin-chin, Cal ends up destroying the Holocron. He believes it is better to keep the Force-sensitive children a secret and that the Force would guide them on their own destinies.

My Top 3 Favorite Things about Jedi Fallen Order:

1. Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber

Fun fact about Dathomir: it’s Darth Maul’s home planet! Finding a specific workstation on the planet unlocks the double-bladed lightsaber. Since Darth Maul is my favorite dark-sided Force user, I just couldn’t resist being excited about slicing and dicing with it. You can switch between single- and double-bladed on the fly. Once you find the kyber crystal, you can change your lightsaber color to red and pretend to be a Sith Lord. Yeah… I love Star Wars games!

2. Fallen Jedi, Taron Malicos

Traon Malicos jedi fallen order

Taron Malicos was a human male Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic as a Jedi General during the Clone Wars. After the events of Order 66, he escaped to Dathomir thinking it was the best place to hide from the Empire. Unfortunately, the dark side was too tempting for this lonely Jedi. He gradually became the leader of the Nightbrother cult that lived on the planet by slaying their master. Plus, Taron looks like he’s been through some stuff. I kinda don’t blame the guy for crossing over to dark territory. Cal Kestis runs into the fallen Jedi Master when exploring Dathomir. After failing to turn Cal to the dark side twice, a fight ensues between them.

Sub-Favorite Thing: Actual Power Difference in Jedi Experience

Now what’s awesome is that even though it’s Star Wars, Jedi Fallen Order doesn’t magically make the lesser-experienced Cal Kestis the stronger opponent. Alone, the Padawan is 100% at the mercy of the fallen Jedi Master, Taron Malicos. The Nightsister Merrin, a formidable magick-user, joins Cal’s side and together helps defeat Taron. Nightsister Merrin is technically the one who defeats Taron, not Cal. Players might overlook the fact that Cal would have his head smashed by a boulder if he wasn’t saved by Merrin. Anyway, the whole point is that it was fun watching the fallen Jedi Master attempt to sway Cal to the dark side of the Force. Remember, I was also playing on Jedi Grandmaster difficulty, so I may be biased about how I considered the progression to be fantastic.

3. Feeling like a Peon

What I mean by feeling like a peon is adding to what I said about Taron Malicos obviously being more powerful than Cal Kestis. I know I have said this a few times, but Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order does a wonderful job at making you feel like a Padawan instead of someone like Obi-Wan Kenobi. Even at the very end of the game, Cal is merely just a Jedi Knight! I love the progression of the game so much.

When Darth Vader comes into view, you can literally feel his massive aura of power. He deflects every attack you dish out. The sudden gut feeling that you are about to die starts to weigh on your mind. Fortunately, Cal does escape, but I can’t describe how much I love the writer for giving his character a realistic expectation of Jedi experience.

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