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Hello friends and gamers,

I’ve been busy upping my rank on Monster Hunter Rise’s gathering hub quests, and the landscapes keep bringing me back to the thought of how well the art designers designed Monster Hunter World! I’m still tying up some loose ends in Rise, so I wanted to take a trip back to Monster Hunter World and list my top 12 favorite layered armor sets in terms of appearance! There are way more than 30 different sets in the game, so there’s tons of flavor and variety for all types of players. And all of them will include pictures. Yippee!

Top 12 Favorite Monster Hunter World Armor Sets

Note: Armor sets not listed in any particular ranking order

1. Dante

The Devil May Cry collaboration is one of my favorite things in Monster Hunter World. I am a chargeblade main, so I was also delighted to obtain Dante’s Devil Sword!

dante devil may cry monster hunter world armor set

2. Demonlord

Take this sweet vampire costume out on Halloween and slay the real beasts that go bump in the night!

vampire demonlord monster hunter world armor set

3. Fatalis

One of the toughest armor sets to acquire! You have to pummel the legendary black dragon’s head 6 times in one fight to obtain a Fatalis Eye, a super rare material required to craft two armor pieces.

fatalis monster hunter world armor set

4. Gala

I walked into the room dripping in gold. ‘Nuff said for this monster hunter world layered armor.

gala monster hunter world armor set

5. Great Girros

Great Girros is a monster that lives in a bottom section of the Rotten Vale, an infectious and localized area that constantly removes your health bar. It’s only fitting that materials from the creature allow you to craft remnants of a Plague Doctor!

great girros monster hunter world armor set

6. Shara Ishvalda

An amazing elderwyrm that first needs to be unchained by breaking his hardened rock shell. Manipulator of earth and wind, Shara Ishvalda is a legendary dragon not to be trifled with. The armor set has an appearance of an ancient race, so it’s cool to me!

shara ishvalda monster hunter world armor set

7. Kushala Daora

Master of winds, Kushala Daora will obliterate anything that surrounds his metallic body. Most elder dragons have awesome armor sets, so it’s no different here.

kushala daora monster hunter world armor set

8. Namielle

A devastating Abyss Dragon that will strike you down with a fountain of water and then spark it with lightning, Namielle is my all-time favorite monster in the series! The armor set is one of my top 3 all-time favorites too!

namielle monster hunter world armor set

9. Teostra

Although the elder dragon is similar to a lion wrapped in flames, the armor set transforms you into a knight in shining armor!

teostra monster hunter world armor set

10. Vaal Hazak

An elder dragon in the deepest part of the Rotten Vale. Vaal is literally fused with the infectious vapor that lowers your health which makes fighting him more difficult compared to other elder dragons. Easily one of the top 3 favorite armor sets!

vaal hazak monster hunter world armor set

11. Velkhana

Ice ice baby! Velkhana utilizes everything cold and icy to paralyze threats. Also a contender for the top 3 favorites!

velkhana monster hunter world armor set

12. Xeno’jiiva

The main campaign’s ultimate boss, the Dark Light Dragon, also nicknamed the Sapphire Star, is a gigantic BABY elder dragon which hasn’t reached its full potential yet. This armor is wicked cool and the arch-tempered variant with the red breastplate is even better.

xeno'jiiva monster hunter world armor set

Double Feature Bonus Surprise!

Bitmoji Image

Top 7 Favorite Monster Hunter World Palico Armor Sets

1. Beyblade

If you know what beyblades are, you’re a real one. And old HAHA! Like me 🙂

palico beyblade monster hunter world armor set

2. Fatalis

Why have a cat pal when you can have a dragon?

palico fatalis dragon monster hunter world armor set
palico fatalis dragon monster hunter world armor set

3. Shara Ishvalda

Oh Ancient One

palico shara ishvalda armor set

4. Moogle

Final Fantasy Collab! Sad we didn’t get a normal armor set for FF, but the Palico Moogle will do 🙂

palico final fantasy moogle armor set

5. Namielle

My favorite!

palico namielle armor set

6. Space Alien

UFO incoming. All cats aboard!

palico alien spaceship armor set

7. Xeno’jiiva

Ghosty vibes

palico xeno'jiiva armor set

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