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Hello friends and gamers, welcome to the Game Gush Gamer blog update for May 8th, 2021. I can’t believe I started this blog since only March 30th this year, but it’s been a process that’s been calling out to me for awhile now. Thank you to everyone that enjoys my content, comes back to read my new content, and for those that share the video game journey of a lifetime!

Stick around or scroll to the bottom to check out what’s new, what’s trending, and what’s coming soon to Game Gush Gamer!

I love writing about video games, expressing my passion towards geek culture, steadily growing a community of positive gamers, and I have plans for so much more. I want to be open with my target goals on growing a community for positive content in gaming, so here’s some website stats.

April 2021:

  • 86 unique visitors
  • 25 posts published

Honestly, I didn’t even expect those numbers from just ONE month of blogging about my video game passion. If you are one of the 86 visitors from April, you are absolutely the BEST! Thank you so much for coming back and checking in for new content. Now, I obviously want to keep growing that audience every month, and here’s where my first week of May stands.

May 1st – May 8th, 2021:

  • 108 views (226 total views)
  • 98 unique visitors (184 total visitors)
  • 27 likes (57 total likes)
  • 7 posts published (32 total posts published)

Incredible! In just one week of the new month, I’ve already outpaced my whole month of April. If our community continues to thrive, I’ll be able to build forum pages where everyone can gush about their favorite video games under the protection of a positive gaming community and fellowship. Let’s keep pushing for the future of a positive world, Game Gushers!

What’s New on Game Gush Gamer?

May the 4th Be with You – Game Gush Package:

Game Gush: Jedi: Fallen Order

Game Gush: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Game Gush: Star Wars: Episode I: Racer, Battlefront II, and Bounty Hunter!

May the 4th Be with You – Special Polls

Cinco de Mayo Post:

Cinco de Mayo Celebration 2021: 3 Featured Hispanic Video Game Characters + Additional List

Mother’s Day Special:

12 Recommended Gift Ideas to Give Your Geek/Gamer Mom

Monster Hunter World:

Monster Hunter World: Top 12 Favorite Armor Sets

Additional Pages:

Indie Game Corner

Remake Central

Achievement/Trophy Hunter: My 100% Video Game Completions

What’s Trending on Game Gush Gamer?

New Pokémon Snap Developed by Bandai Namco Arrives April 30th!

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Monster Hunter World: Top 12 Favorite Armor Sets

Game Gush: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

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What’s Coming Soon on Game Gush Gamer?

Still in progress but be on the lookout for:

  • Top 10 Video Game Mothers
  • Resident Evil: Are You Ready for the VIIlage? Full Resident Evil Timeline
  • Chaos Legion Game Gush
  • Sifu – Rise to Honor Spiritual Successor
  • And more!

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Now let’s get out there and game gush, Game Gushers!

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