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Hello friends and gamers, welcome back to another exciting game gush feature! Today, we are going back to the year 2003, when Capcom released a highly underrated video game that landed into the PS2 disc tray of a little boy (me). I am not sure how we first got Chaos Legion. All I know is that it was one of my favorite video games on the PS2! My friends and I would play this all the time, but oh my gosh, it was a hard game for 10-year-olds. I honestly do not even remember beating the game from start to finish. I do remember playing certain missions multiple times and sometimes reading the manual. There hasn’t been a game quite like it for a long time until the recently released Astral Chain by Nintendo.

What is Chaos Legion?

Chaos Legion was a third-person hack and slash video game that I would say is very similar to the combat style of Devil May Cry. Devil May Cry was another video game published by Capcom that had been released previously in 2001. However, I didn’t know what Devil May Cry was until Devil May Cry 4 in 2008. So without any history of Devil May Cry, Chaos Legion was one of the first examples of a hack and slash game to have graced my PlayStation 2. Set in a fantasy world with cool characters, I want to say that Chaos Legion subconsciously influenced my likeness toward anime along with Dragon Ball Z and Naruto.

Story of Chaos Legion

Chaos Legion PS2 Cover art

Chaos Legion is the video game adaptation of the seven light novel series written by Tow Ubukata and illustrated by Satoru Yuiga.

Past Events

Four years before the events of the game, the High Priest of the Order of St. Overia calls for Sieg, Victor, and Siela to meet him at the cathedral under the suspicion that evil is sensed nearby. Sure enough, followers of the Order of St. Overia have been possessed by powers of darkness and are completing an ancient ritual to revive the Evil Spirit of Azrail, the Archangel of Death. Sieg, Victor, and Siela stop the resurrection by sealing the Spirit of Purification.

Before Azrail is sealed away, Victor is consumed by darkness and stabs Siela through her chest. Once Azrail is sealed moments later, the darkness loses possession of Victor. He doesn’t remember anything that just happened. He notices Sieg crouched over Siela’s body and thinks Sieg has killed her. After the loss of their dear friend, Siela, the pain was too much for Victor, so he disappeared.

Current Events

Months later, Victor is spotted stealing the forbidden book, Apocrypha of Yzarc, and the order finds out he seeks to use the knowledge inside it to free the Evil Spirit of Azrail. Sieg has been chosen by the Order to pursue his former friend and summon Chaos Legions to help Sieg in his fight against the dark forces on his journey. Sieg finds Victor 3 years after the Apocrypha of Yzarc was stolen.

Along the way, he meets a woman named Arcia that aids in the battle against Victor and Azrail. In the end, Victor finally realized the truth—it was he who had slain Siela, but he sets Azrail free anyway so that he can live with Siela for an eternity. Sieg and Arcia defeat Azrail and Siela’s possessed soul, saving the three planes of existence from colliding. It was finally over, but Sieg was not fully satisfied because he was not able to save either of his former friends. After visiting Siela’s grave, Arcia and Sieg are seen traveling off together.

Chaos Legion Characters

Sieg Wahrheit

Sieg Wahrheit Chaos Legion
Sieg Wahrheit Chaos Legion

The main protagonist—a young swordsman also known as the Knight of the Dark Glyphs. He is a Legionator, someone able to sacrifice wandering souls in order to summon creatures called Chaos Legion. Sieg and Victor fought in many battles side by side, becoming close friends. He was one of the three to close the gateway to Chaos by sealing the Spirit of Purification during the threat of Azrail’s resurrection. Later, Sieg is chosen by the Order to track down Victor and use the power of Chaos Legion to stop Victor from raising Azrail.

Victor Delacroix

Victor Delacroix Chaos Legion

The main antagonist—a highly skilled swordsman anticipated by the Order to be the next Lord of the Sacred Glyphs. He was one of the three to close the gateway to Chaos by sealing the Spirit of Purification during the threat of Azrail’s resurrection. Fallen to the darkness by the loss of his love interest, Siela. After the murder of a leader of the order, he steals the Apocyphra of Yzarc and collects the Three Sacred Glyphs to gain forbidden power and resurrect Azrail. His one true desire is to live with Siela for an eternity.

Siela Riviere

Siela Riviere

Healer and servant of the Order. Dear friend to both Sieg and Victor. She was one of the three to close the gateway to Chaos by sealing the Spirit of Purification during the threat of Azrail’s resurrection. Stabbed in the chest by a darkness-possessed Victor and unknowingly had her soul captured by Azrail in her dying moments.

Arcia Rinslet

Arcia Rinslet

The Maiden of the Silver—a female warrior wielding two silver pistols. She’s responsible for purifying demons in towns under havoc by Victor’s darkness. Unknown to the Intelligence of the Order, Victor had slain her brother, leading her down a path of vengeance and following Sieg to aid in his quest.

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    Sieg is able to summon and control seven different legions:

    • Guilt: Sword Legion. Attacks furiously with their broadswords.
    • Hatred: Power Legion. Uses hand-to-hand combat and extremely powerful counter-attacks.
    • Malice: Arrow Legion. Archers that attack with crossbows.
    • Arrogance: Shield Legion. A defensive legion that can absorb any type of damage before their shields release significant energy blasts at short range.
    • Flawed: Claw Legion. Agile legion that uses a pair of long claws as weapons.
    • Blasphemy: Bomb Legion. Self-destructs as an attack mechanism and uses long-range grenades.
    • Thanatos: The Ultimate Legion. Upgraded from an egg, then a wyrm, and then to its perfect form: the Angel of Death, Thanatos. Slows down time and unleashes a devastating volley of punches and fire blasts on enemies. The player must find all nine of Thanatos’ fragments in order to obtain the final upgraded level of Thanatos.

    Chaos Legion Remake Central

    Capcom, for the love of all fans of Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and Astral Chain; you need to remake Chaos Legion! Or at the very least, add Sieg and Delacroix to the Devil May Cry lineup because they possess abilities that would be so fun to slay demons with on Capcom’s beautiful RE game engine. They could even pull abilities from a system used like in Code Vein where equipping different Legions to allow for different roles. The cutscenes were graphically up to snuff back in 2003. But you better believe I would give 2,000 Klondike bars to see an upgraded 4K cutscene with spectacular remodels of Sieg and Delacroix.

    What About You?

    Did you play Chaos Legion when you were younger? Do you think there should be a remake or a sequel? What are some games you love to gush about? Let me know in the comments!

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