Monster Hunter World: Top 15 Unorthodox Joke Weapons

I’ve been thinking about the so-called joke and unorthodox weapons littered about the Monster Hunter series. You might have heard of some popular joke weapons from previous Monster Hunter titles like the parasol, the pizza cutter, the teddy bear, the corncobbler, or the beloved frying pan!

Top 15 Joke Weapons in Monster Hunter World

But what about the unorthodox and funny weapons in Monster Hunter World? A quick Google Search surprisingly didn’t give me the results I anticipated. You’ll be able to find a Reddit or YouTube post that lists a couple here and there. I decided to investigate and hunt down these weapons in my own game and list them all in one place! Here’s the Top 15 Unorthodox and Joke Weapons in Monster Hunter World:

Monster Hunter Joke Hammers:

1. S-008 Super-8

Super-8 Hammer joke Weapon monster hunter world
Super-8 Hammer Weapon monster hunter world

You may not be able to bring the monster to space, but you sure can bring space to the monster! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but when I look at the space station hammer, the image of Goku training in the space shuttle keeps showing up in my head. Anyway, I like the red paint on the hammer and the lights that illuminate on the bottom of the shuttle.

The history behind the hammer is also really cool! Capcom owns a fighting game series called Cyberbots, and one particular villain is named Princess Devilotte de Death Satan IX… Or just Devilotte… She pilots an octopus-shaped mech designed for underwater skirmishes called S-008 Super-8. You now hold the Super-8 in your hands!

2. Well-Done Hammer

monster hunter joke weapon

Number 2 on the Monster Hunter joke weapon list: hammer time! Swinging a large tasty piece of meat in front of carnivorous beasts is probably not the brightest idea we’ve ever had. Are we still going to try? Chet you betcha! Just, you know, try not to chow down on it yourself if you get hungry on your expedition.

3. Bristly Inferno

Have you ever found a rare Bristly Crake sitting atop a Mosswine in the regions of the New World? No matter the case, you can find a resemblance to one with this Bristly Crake Pincushion hammer! Now go beat some monster skulls with the paddling of pin needles!

Monster Hunter Joke Dual Blades:

4. Whetfish Sabers

monster hunter joke weapon

Whetfish are endemic life in Monster Hunter World that you can catch by the use of a fishing rod or a capturing net. You can put them in your pond at your home, but they also have another purpose where you obtain a whetfish fin. These fins sharpen your weapon much faster than a whetstone so you’ll always be prepared in case your weapon goes dull mid-fight.

But wouldn’t it be more fun and exciting to slap monsters up side the noggin’ with dual whetfish sabers? Well apparently Capcom thinks so! The fish flop around in your hands when unsheathed too. Channel the son of the shepherd in this Monster Hunter joke weapon!

5. Dual Frothy Ale

Hunting monsters day-in and day-out is exhausting. A healthy hunter eats meals before their adventure to ensure they are in top form. When you get back from nearly dying , again, you probably need a drink. Ignore all that coming back home business. Instead, drink on the job! Consume this Monster Hunter joke weapon to tap into your inner drunken fist 🍻

6. Downy Crake Brooms

monster hunter joke weapon

Have you ever found a rare Downy Crake sitting atop a Grandfather Mantegrell in the regions of the New World? No matter the case, you can find a resemblance to one with the Downy Crake Broom dual swords! Great for monster slaying and sweeping away the dust off the top shelf of your trophy case. This Monster Hunter joke weapon will make you a great butler.

Monster Hunter Joke Lances:

7. White Wind and Sapphire Star

Welcome aboard, Cap’n! Showcase the steering wheel and flags from the First Fleet’s ships as it’s their perilous and courageous journey across the waters to the New World that began the new era! If you’re unaware, your main character and cohorts come to the New World as part of the Fifth Fleet. Fly those Monster Hunter joke flags high to honor the faith of the first warriors who crossed the vast sea.

8. Babel Spear

The Babel Spear is usually in every Monster Hunter title, but it’s not a typical spear which is why I refer to it as unorthodox. The spear is in reference to the Tower of Babel, a structure built in an attempt to explain why the world spoke many different languages instead of a singular language. Babylonians wanted to be remembered by building a mighty city and a tower with its top in the heavens.

Apparently, God confused the workers by making them no longer able to understand each other. Thus, the city was never completed, and people spread across the regions of the Earth. The shield is the mighty Babylonian tower, and the spear is the top that will ascend to the heavens.

Monster Hunter Joke Greatsword:

9. Frozen Speartuna

monster hunter joke weapon

Alright, so we have our well-done meat hammer, the dual whetfish sabers, and the dual-wielded ale. It’s starting to look like a feast in here! The last food item on the list will appear as the frozen Speartuna, a giant greatsword in the form of an elongated swordfish with its backfin as the teeth of the blade. Monster Hunter and their food jokes, am I right?

Monster Hunter Joke Longsword:

10. Mad Scavenger Pickaxe

The mad scavenger pickaxe isn’t the prettiest joke weapon in Monster Hunter, but it is a culture reference to the gnarliest block builders in town. Minecraft enthusiasts, coal miners, and dwarven tinkerers will love using the pickaxe instead of a typical longsword for their hunting parties. Fetch me some diamonds while you’re out in the field, will ya?

Monster Hunter Joke Hunting Horns:

11. Guitars

Bitmoji Image Smashing Guitar
Bitmoji Image Rock on

Brimsten Drakesong

monster hunter joke weapon

Fatalis Menace Wailer

Hunting Horns were vastly improved upon in Monster Hunter Rise, but Monster Hunter World still had some good HH moments. Most often the hunting horn is a huge blunt weapon similar to the hammer, except you can jam out to some tunes and buff your entire party to overcome even the toughest monsters in the game. With the Stygian Zinogre and Fatalis variants, you can feel a little less caveman, and a little more metalhead. Rock on with these Monster Hunter joke weapons!

Sword and Shield:

12. Witcher Silver Sword

Geralt of Rivia’s quest to hunt an empowered Leshen in the Ancient Forest of the New World is a fun collaboration that I wasn’t expecting. They brought over the sound cues from Witcher 3 into the Monster Hunter universe, and there was a side quest to save a Pukei-Pukei trapped in vines. How sweet. Gaining materials from the quest allows you to equip Geralt’s layered armor like I have with Dante here, and you can forge the Witcher’s Silver Sword. When equipped, you may notice there’s not a shield attached to your forearm. Clicking the shield button casts the Quen spell, protecting you inside a familiar yellow orb 😀

Insect Glaive:

13. Gáe Bulg

An ancient weapon used to vanquish the dragon Nidhogg. Spear in hand, the Azure Dragon dances in the sky.

Gáe Bulg (also Gáe Bulga, Gáe Bolg, Gáe Bolga) is a spear that shows up in many Final Fantasy titles and is typically one of the more powerful spears you obtain in late game status. The spear is part of the Final Fantasy collaboration for Monster Hunter World, but the true Gáe Bulg was the name of the spear that belonged to Cú Chulainn in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. And they say history never teaches you anything.


14. Gajalaka Firestabber

monster hunter joke weapon

The Gajalaka are a culture of tiny creatures that are humanlike. Most of their time is spent dancing and parading around campfires, and they are very cautious and dangerous to those that come near their tribe. Galajakas are often hostile toward the player unless you have interacted with them through certain quests and secret missions to become their ally. Their attacks generally trigger abnormal status effects, such as paralysis or poison.

The Gajalaka Firestabber is an homage to their dancing culture of flames. The end of the gunlance emits fire from the dragon’s mouth, and the Wyvernfire special ability for the gunlance amplifies a huge fireball attack which is awesome! Using this Monster Hunter joke weapon is truly a spectacle.


15. Dante’s Devil Sword

Dante’s Devil Sword changes throughout the Devil May Cry Series, but it’s mostly known as Rebellion for most of the video game series. From Devil May Cry to Devil May Cry 5, the devil sword is upgraded from Rebellion, to the Devil Sword Sparda, and then later merged the two into Devil Sword Dante—each upgrade mildly altering the appearance of his devil sword. If you’re not able to view the photos, most of them are featuring my character decked out in Dante’s cosplay attire, so the Devil Sword fits snugly on his back and hand.

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