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I decided to check out the new indie game, Super Animal Royale, which popped up on the Xbox Game Pass recently added list. After playing all kinds of BR games like Warzone, Apex Legends, and Fortnite, maybe a 2D-based animal royale wouldn’t be so stressful… Right? I was very wrong HAHA! Join me in this indie game exploration and check out what’s going on with Super Animal Royale!

Firstly, What Exactly Is Super Animal Royale?

super animal royale
Image: Pixile Studios

Created by indie game developer studio, Pixile Studios, Super Animal Royale brings everything you expect for arena mayhem! Enter a 2D top-down multiplayer battle royale hosting up to 64 players per match. Fully customize your favorite animals and claw your way to victory in this fast-paced survival shooter.

super animal royale

Loot across a large map of an abandoned animal continent. Fight with an assortment of weapons from rifles, bows, poison darts, katanas, grenades, and more! Take advantage of armor, health juice, bananas, and other items! Roll inside a hamster ball or peck an animal’s noggin on the emu! Explore enough and you may even find hidden surprises (hint: find the Banan cave).

Let’s Talk About Gameplay

Game Speed

super animal royale

Friends and gamers who like quick games will be a fan of Super Animal Royale. If you have played other battle royale games, then this one will be at a much faster pace than what you’re used to. The overall speed of the match is contributed by quick long-distance dodge rolls, ride-ables, and lower time-limited super skunk gas rings. Full matches last only up to about 6-7 minutes!


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  • super animal royale PS controls
  • super animal royale Xbox Controls

Controls are fluid and responsive. Every input works as intended (at least on Xbox One). The default button layouts are typical for top-down shooters, although the tutorial doesn’t teach you everything right off the bat. Super Jump Roll is the long-distance dodge roll. Super Tape is what you use to repair your armor when it’s cracked.

Combat Weapons

Ranged Weapons
Loot an array of ranged weapons: pistols, shotguns, sub-machine guns, assault rifles, a dart gun, rifles, minigun, a bow & arrow, and a crossbow! Projectile speeds are slow enough to notice but quick enough to test reaction times. At the time of playtesting, assault rifles or sub-machine guns are the popular choices—the more blazing bullets you have in the air, the better off you’ll be.

Melee Weapon
Katana is the only melee weapon in the game (so far). The katana is useful for cutting grass to discover loot. Pro tip: also useful in last-minute situations when both weapons need to be reloaded and an enemy is on your heels.

Players can stack the same throwable but can only carry one unique throwable at a time. Grenades are the best due to the radius damage and impact detonation. Skunk bombs are useful for zoning out other animals in tighter circles. Bananas are to be thrown on the ground. Any animal stepping on one will slip and fall for two seconds!

Weapon combat is thrilling—and nerve-wracking! Players are bound to find at least one blue rare weapon in any location.  Weapon loot being randomized appropriately this way just screams for an exciting even matchup. Albeit automatic ranged weapons are the dominant force. Other weapons are still balanced so you can succeed in battle when it’s necessary to use a single-shot rifle or bow.

What Big Ears You Have – Sound

Super Animal Royale utilizes a delightful soundtrack on the main menu. The music is not too loud or overbearing. Unique sound effects are used for every action in the game. In the case of your character being obscured, sounds will tell if you’re repairing armor, shooting, rolling, popping health juice, etc. I haven’t encountered any sound glitches in my matches.

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Play matches to collect Animal DNA. Use DNA in the Research Lab to unlock new Super Animals and Animal Cosmetics. Fully customize your unique animal with weapon skins, outfits, hats, eye accessories, facial hair, umbrellas, gravestones, death explosions, and emotes.


Graphics are very natural for a 2D top-down shooter like Super Animal Royale. All animals appear to have the same height, build, and hitboxes, but each species is recognizably different from one another. Animals are cute cuddly murder monsters. Weapons are weapons. Buildings are buildings. Animations are smooth. Everything is as it should be.

Lighting and shadows are subtle but largely impact gameplay and graphics. A line of sight is cast where the player aims. This line of sight is similar to a flashlight, so it reveals enemies lurking nearby in the fog. Shadows are also cast from objects which adds a nice touch of realism for a silly game like Super Animal Royale.

Replay Value

super animal royale winner

Matches are quick. Combat is consistent. Customization options are casually unlocked. The overall gameplay is just designed to be addictive! For players who say, “Oh, just one more game.” Yeah, be wary of the trap. “Ah, should have been in bed 2 hours ago… One more?” Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Additional Thoughts

super animal royale

Super Animal Royale is nice for a gamer dad like me who doesn’t always get free time. I don’t have available time to play with friends on Warzone and waste 40 minutes in just a single match. With Super Animal Royale, I know I can complete a solid match or two in only about 15 minutes. I wouldn’t exactly call this a relaxing game. At first glance, the game looks easy. But it’s just as competitive as any other battle royale mode! These animals are still real players like you, so you have to be on your toes.

Xbox Game Pass

super animal royale founder's edition DLC

Xbox Game Pass members are eligible to install the Founder’s Edition DLC for free. The timeframe will only last for early supporters during the game’s Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access. Founder’s Edition pack includes three exclusive Super Animal Royale breeds and 10 exclusive cosmetic items.

What About You?

Have you played Super Animal Royale? How often do you explore indie games? What are your thoughts on the animal kingdom murder mayhem? Let me know in the comments!

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