Lawn Mowing Simulator: Relaxing or Stressful?

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I have been playing Lawn Mowing Simulator by Skyhook Games for a bit so I feel like I should discuss the topic of how it’s relaxing and stressful at the same time. Wait, lawn mowing simulator? How hard can it really be?? Turns out that it’s not the difficulty of mowing a yard that’s the problem. But it is a perfectionist’ absolute worst nightmare. Most yards need to be cut at 99.5% or 99.9% completion. In a yard that can take about 30 to 35 minutes as a recommended cutting time, this will honestly drive anyone with OCD bonkers. The shear insanity of searching for the last blades of uncut grass to complete your 99.9% can be stressful.

Learning About Lawn Mowers

Surprisingly, I have learned quite a bit of things about lawn mowers that I never even thought about before. Of course, this is mainly referring to business lawn care and not personal yards. I’m sure when you shop for a personal lawnmower at home, you’re not looking at different blade cutting lengths, deck sizes, and mulch plates.

For Lawn Mowing Simulator, the best mowers in the game will have high engine horsepower, high top speed, and large deck sizes. In my gaming experience, those are the three biggest things that will make mowing yards faster and more efficient. Some contracts require a mulch plate or grass collector, and some require stripe rollers, so the one that I find the overall best is the SCAG Turf Tiger II.

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3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Lawn Mowing Simulator

1. Wait to Hire Employees

I thought hiring another employee to mow yards would rake in more money at a faster rate, but that’s not true at all in the early stages of your business. Through experimentation, I found that exchanging my mower for a better mower and repeating that process resulted in a better profit rate because completing contracts will get faster and faster and faster. After about 6 new lawnmowers, I had my Turf Tiger and hired more employees and equipment which escalated my profits.

lawn mowing simulator

2. Don’t Be A Perfectionist

I want everything to be perfect as much as the next guy, but the yards consume a lot of extra time that I wasn’t expecting. If you have kids like I do, then you’ll understand why I want to get the yard done as fast as possible. It was really hard to do, but I just have to turn off that switch in my brain and say let’s get some bread today lol

lets get this bread

3. Penalties/Fees

Penalties/fees also scared me into submission for a bit because I didn’t want all of my hard work to go to waste. Oh no, I left grass clippings on the flower bed. Oh no, I chopped up a beautiful rose bush. Oh no, I turned too sharp and ruined the ground. Don’t be fooled!!

All of those fees hardly rack up to any substantial loss from a contract. The only penalty that will accrue a lot of loss is collisions. So don’t like charge full speed into the side of a barn or into a tree or something haha. Other than collisions, there’s freedom to do anything until the contract is complete. Run over the flowers, leave grass clippings everywhere, tear up that beautiful soil. It happens!

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Funny Moment

My mom is not huge on gaming either. When she visited my daughter last week, I played this in front of her just to watch her reaction. It did not disappoint. Literally made my mom throw her hands in the air. “Jordan, really, you can go out and mow your own yard. What in the world?” Ah yes the joy I feel when she reacts so crazy about games I play. I hope you have those feelings with people you love to be around!

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Lawn Mowing Simulator. Relaxing & Stressful!

Lawn Mowing Simulator is an interesting game that borderlines from a relaxing job well-done to a stressful OCD nightmare. On one hand, I am satisfied watching an overgrown mess dwindle into a freshly cut clean yard. On the other hand, the recommended cutting time and ridiculous 99.9 percentages will spark a silent, stressful rage. Still fun though! Overall, I give 65 cookies to the team behind this creation! 🍪🍪🍪

What About You?

Have you played Lawn Mowing Simulator? Do you think it’s stressful too or was this just my perfectionistic tick gnawing at me? I may need therapy lol let me know in the comments!

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