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Mother’s Day happens every year, but so what? We love our moms! Maybe you see an awesome gaming shirt for your gamer mom. And then, the ideas just don’t seem to come at you anymore. If you are on the late train or have a case of tip-of-the-tongue, here are 12 of the best gift ideas for your geek or gamer mom!

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12 Best Gift Ideas for Gamer Mom

Gamer mom gift ideas

1. Give the Gift of Video Game Mugs!

My mom doesn’t play games unless she can get her hands on an old-school Pacman arcade machine. However, I know she wakes up and drinks coffee every single morning! Why not lift up her day even more with a nice video game mug?

2. What Do Drinks Rest On? Video Game Coasters!

Coasters are a quality of life you never see coming! Aside from being cool art decorations, coasters do have a real purpose. They keep your expensive tabletops, countertops, and other pieces of furniture free from condensation rings. You can find cool gaming coasters for your mom that showcase NES cartridges, PlayStation buttons, PaRappa the Rapper, Super Mario, and other hidden gems! In my experience, coasters are like underwear where you won’t buy them yourself, but you’re sure glad someone did.


3. Video Game Cookbooks. Scrumptious!

For mothers who enjoy the thrill of the cook! Tons of great gaming cookbooks can be found. Anything from Overwatch to Fallout, to World of Warcraft, to Minecraft. If it’s popular in the gaming world, chances are there is a cookbook.

4. Vinyls & Soundtracks

Vinyl’s join the best gift ideas for gamer moms! A few years ago, my brother and step-dad got this awesome record player for my mom. Since then, she now has more than 100 vinyl’s in her collection. Soundtracks like Doom, Metal Gear Solid, Bloodborne, and Gone Home can all be found on vinyl.

5. Video Game Jewelry

One of the best gift ideas for a gamer mom is none other than jewelry, baby! Animal Crossing, Assassin’s Creed, The Witcher. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, keychains. Possibilities are endless!


6. Cosmetics

Cosmetics will make a great gift idea for your geek or gamer mom! Maybe they are into cosplay, comic conventions, or ruling the world as little Josh’s mom. Other great video game cosmetics are in the form of ring lights, makeup brushes, neon painting kits, and cat ears!

7. Shirts & Clothing for Gamer Moms

Paused My Game To Be Here? Gamer mom shirt! Super Mario? Gamer mom shirt! Yes I’m A Gamer Girl? Gamer mom shirt!

8. Video Game Puzzles

Enjoy a fun gift idea for friends and family of a gamer mom. 300 pieces, 1000 pieces, or the mighty 3000 pieces? The choice is yours! Once the family has accomplished their task, glue it together. Make that special moment a piece of art on the wall!


9. Gaming Chairs, Furniture, & More

Gaming chairs, bookshelves, computer desks, footrests. Bookshelves help store physical games, books, card/board games, dice, and more. Pssst, I gave some bonus gift ideas in the highlighted text.

10. Video Game Collectibles

Specifically of the figurine decadence. Collectibles can be any special form of merch. Don’t forget about posters, shot glasses, and table lamps!

11. Cards & Gift Cards

Grab a sweet card for your mother! Write something sweet. Jot down a short paragraph of a story that reminds you of her. Tell her you love her! You can slip a little bit of cash in there too. If you can’t find an ATM, you can bust out the ole online gift card!

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12. Give your Gamer Mom the Gift of LOVE!!

Gamer mom gift ideas

Yes, the power of Love will conquer all other gifts! Gifts are only a resource to express your appreciation and love, but nothing will compare to your genuine ability to communicate and speak freely with your loved one. Through exciting times, through rough times, through laughs, through cries… Chances are you wouldn’t be the person you are today without that love and support. This statement extends to family, friends, and other role models who have been a mother-like figure in your life.

Unfortunately, living in a world of time crunches may push those thoughts to the backburner. However, Mother’s Day is a holiday reminder to celebrate the very influences that have wished us nothing but the utmost success in our lives. Remember to hug your loved ones. Cherish them, tell them you care about them, and have a wonderful day friends and gamers.

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