Short Blog About Games ‘Cuz Yo Boy is Sick

Hello friends and gamers,

My family has been sick. I mean sick ALL week. My daughter caught a real nasty stomach bug at daycare (possibly rotavirus). I’m sure you know the thrilling sensation of being given the gift of illness haha. Yeah, so being sick has put a tiny setback on my creative outlets for writing and playing games. On Monday, all 3 of us (my wife, daughter, and I) slept for basically the entire 24 hours. I admit, this stomach bug feels different, like a mutated variant just using my stomach as a punching bag. Or imagine your intestines wrestling on the mat all day lol. It’s been one of the roughest weeks for us in a while.

Why Cruel World

Since I haven’t beat the video games that I intended to in order to make a blog post, and since I haven’t fully edited the YouTube videos I was in the process of creating, I’m going to talk about what my lovely friends and gamers can expect soon. I’ll probably just rant about random stuff too. Hey, it’s my blog post, I do what I want.

First Off, What Content is Cooking in the Oven?

Well, my creative process is definitely an interesting one. I try to always have about 10 writing prompts available at one time. If you have seen my “Game Time!” homepage, then you’ll see a lot of blog posts and game gushes I’ve done for the last few months. But that means one category is stale like my saltine crackers on the counter that I forgot to tie up.

Gaming Lists. I have really, really slacked off on gaming listicles. My last true gaming list was, I think, last June… July? And it was just about great games that came out that month for Xbox and PlayStation. Kinda lame, I guess? What lists am I working on? 8 Video Game Characters Who Use Playing Cards. 15 Iconic Video Game Weapons. 5 Best Video Game Characters Voiced by Liam O’ Brien. Top 10 Video Game Betrayals.

Video Games to Gush About Soon

What are the main video games I am playing and want to gush about soon? You’ve probably seen the last few Monster Train posts (or not). I really want to talk about Fight in Tight Spaces soon. Sifu is top of the list for sure, since that came out last week. I was going to beat Sifu over the weekend until, you know, the action pack duo blasting my stomach into oblivion. I still already have a lot of great footage in Sifu though. Just for fun, I’m working on a Sifu combat montage on YouTube. I’m happy with the results so far. In the meantime, I made a super short video of me dying when only 1 hit away from defeating two bosses of Sifu.

Elden Ring releases TOMORROW!

That’s right, the mighty Elden Ring consumes our bodies tonight. My thumbs, my heart, and my mind may not be ready. But I have my brother and cousin to cheer us on as we most definitely will die. Many, many times. I’ll do my best to post fun content or crazy moments in the game. It’s totally okay if you don’t like Dark Souls games or don’t have an interest in Elden Ring. If you don’t see me in a few weeks, I might be trapped in a deep dark hole somewhere. Help me, please lol.

Thanks friends and gamers!

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