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If you tuned into my recent blogs, you may know about how I got sick for several days. Before that, I was working hard on beating Sifu so I could share some fun content with my friends. Then Elden Ring happened and Elden Ring is MASSIVE… so my Sifu content has been temporarily paused. Luckily, I do have enough gameplay captured that I decided to go ahead and put together a cool music video montage featuring Sifu and its Pak Mei combat.

Sifu pak mei

The video incorporates the prologue level and also of me busting up lots of baddies in the first three levels of the video game. I poured a lot of heart into the project and tried to use the best combat clips available to match up with the beats of the royalty-free song. Although I didn’t shed real blood, sweat, and tears on the project, I am really proud of what I did… Even if nobody wants to watch it.

Sifu pak mei

Pak Mei Kung Fu

Sifu’s developer, Sloclap, was inspired by the traditional martial art style of Pak Mei for the game’s combat techniques. Pak Mei is over four centuries old and focuses on explosive strength by utilizing close-range hand strikes. Depending on the Pak Mei school, clutch grabs and claw strikes are also dominant. Most offensive and defensive techniques will symbolize the tiger. Let me know if you can feel the ferociousness of a tiger when you watch the video!

Sifu pak mei

Content Creation

I want to become a consistent content creator who can push out fun stuff like this all the time. Since I have loved playing video games for, like, ever, I really want to push myself on the content creation side of things this year. My one year anniversary is coming up since I started my blog website last year in March. Super crazy to even think about!

Sifu pak mei

My very first post was nine international female characters in video games. When you read about any successful blogger, they all mention the same thing. Be consistent, post as much as possible but at least once per week, and be patient. So thank you for all my friends and gamers that read my posts and watch my content. Maybe in the future I can start doing this full-time!!

Anyway, I kinda rambled there. Also check out my TikTok where I have little gaming clips that usually are not posted anywhere else.

Sifu Pak Mei Combat Montage – Squats / Club / Museum

Here’s my Sifu Pak Mei Combat Montage music video and feel free to comment or subscribe to Game Gush Gamer. Have a wonderful day, friends and gamers! Catch you next time!

Song: Born a Rockstar – NEFFEX

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