Be wary of masterful playing card manipulators in video games. Infamous cardsharps are warranted for their sleight of hand techniques. It takes only one draw for these deadly dealers to ruin your day. And can we talk about a paper-cut extravaganza?! What video game character cards do I have up my sleeve today? Oh, you know, just 8 video game characters who use playing cards!

1. Loki – Bayonetta 2

video game characters who use playing cards

The ultimate god, Aesir, split into two souls in order to maintain balance for humanity. One half was the lighter attributes and “better” part of his soul, Loki. The other half was the darker and more evil part of his soul, Loptr. Loki is the main supporting video game character in Bayonetta 2. He helps her keep the world in balance. Loki possesses many godly powers: teleportation, time manipulation, transformation into a flying squirrel (how cute). What is Loki’s ideal weapon of choice? An enchanted deck of cards that turn even the fiercest angels into gold dust!

2. Tobias Felix / Twisted Fate – League of Legends

8 Video Game Characters Playing Cards

Twisted Fate is an infamous cardsharp and swindler in the League of Legends universe. Tobias Felix gambled and charmed his way into many taverns and backroom dealings across the land. With many years on the road and wanted by every type of organization out there, you can place a pretty high bet he always has an ace up his sleeve. As for gameplay elements, Twisted Fate throws playing cards for his attacks. The three main abilities align with drawing and playing cards from his deck. One thing is for sure, watch out for this video game character who uses playing cards.

3. King Dice – Cuphead

King Dice is the right-hand man of the Devil and the secondary antagonist of Cuphead. The creativity of everything in Cuphead is off the charts. If you’ve played Cuphead, it’s really no surprise that King Dice is sketchy or evil. There’s plenty of nasty cards and other tricks at his disposal too. In the final bout with an irritating cup, King Dice sends wave after wave of walking playing cards across the battle screen. Cuphead can only jump on the suit of hearts to avoid damage. Still, King Dice proves to be a formidable video game character who uses playing cards.

4. Ace – Final Fantasy Type 0

8 Video Game Characters Playing Cards

Dr. Al-Rashia adopted Ace and other students who she named after a deck of cards. She trained them in an academy for magic and combat. Ace is the main video game character in Final Fantasy Type 0 who wields a deck of playing cards in battle. He draws up to four cards at a time from his deck and each card represents an ability. Abilities range from health recovery card effects, attack cards, and support cards. Jackpot Shot is the most popular card where Ace fires a laser beam.

5. Jackle the Mantle – NiGHTS into Dreams

Source: Sab64 on DeviantArt

Jackle, along with other nightmaren, are interesting antagonists in Night into Dreams. The main villain, Wizemen, in this 1996 video game tries to rule over Nightopia and Nightmare (the dream world). Then the real world after that. Jackle the Mantle is a level 3 nightmaren created by Wizemen in order to stop our hero, Nights. As an illusionist, Jackle slings razor-sharp tarot cards to unleash a real nightmare. Removing his cape is the only way to end this foe’s reign of terror.

6. Setzer Gabbianni – Final Fantasy 6

8 Video Game Characters Playing Cards

Another famed gambler like Twisted Fate. This beloved video game character has a mighty ability called Red Card. Fun fact: the name of the ability in the Japanese version is translated to Bloody Card. I guess they were afraid to use that terminology in English or Western cultures. Red Card is Setzer’s Desperation Attack. This means when his health bar is below 1/8 of its max value, the Attack command has a chance to use this ability randomly. Setzer will hurl a storm of playing cards at the enemy that each leave behind a red trail, hence the name of the attack.

7. Luxord – Kingdom Hearts

8 Video Game Characters Playing Cards

Luxord is a top ranking member of Organization XIII in Kingdom Hearts known as the Gambler of Fate and overseer of the Gambler nobody enemies. Along with a limited power for controlling time, Luxord likes to play games with Sora and friends. As any normal cardsharp, Luxord uses card tricks and reality warping in various games against the player. He’ll attack with razor-sharp cards, create a shield wall of cards, manipulate cards thrown in the air, and encircle players within a large deck of cards. Luxord is also one of only two organization members where we still don’t know his identify of who he was before a Nobody.

8. Dorothy Albright – Arcana Heart 2/3

8 Video Game Characters Playing Cards

Dorothy the Wizard. She is a girl with a magic show and the daughter of a famous magician. On the side, she’s also an elusive artist (she’s a thief). Arcana Heart is a fighting game and Dorothy will utilize her deck of cards for all of her attacks. Combos for Dorothy can ramp up from number cards to the higher-powered royalty cards which deal more damage. Inspired by the Wizard of Oz character, Dorothy Albright also has a scarecrow, lion, and tin man for companions.

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