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I have empathy for all the game developers that released a video game right around the time of Elden Ring. A few video games were already overshadowed by Dying Light 2. Then, the impressive Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation was released. After that, Elden Ring was released a week later and hogged the gaming landscape’s attention for two weeks so far.

Of course, Elden Ring is rock solid so the extra hype for the game is real. Even for the next week, or possibly months, there are sure to be loads of Elden Ring content across the web (my blog included). Heck, my TikTok alone has about six short clips for “helpful” tips on Elden Ring. What are other anticipated games released in February and March that were flattened by the stampede of amazing video games? Let’s check ’em out now!

Sifu – February 6, 2022

Sifu has been fantastic! I need to set a scheduled time to beat the game soon. If you like martial arts and music, I also have a fun combat montage music video featuring Sifu’s fighting style inspired by Pak Mei kung fu! More than 1 million units have been sold—an amazing accomplishment for Sifu developer, Slocap. This video game isn’t for the faint of heart though. Patience and discipline are required when seeking to master combat (especially boss battles). Despite the anticipation, Sifu still did an awesome job at sales. However, Sifu’s coverage quickly dissipated with Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 – February 7, 2022

Source: Techland

Dying Light 2 boasted a full 500 hours of gameplay to obtain 100% completion for all quests, collectibles, and side content. You have a lot of stuff to do here. Slay zombies with over 200 different unique weapons. Hardcore parkour across a multilayered city that brings out the worst monsters at night. Decide the fate of the city and other characters with personal choices throughout your playthrough. For anyone who loved the first Dying Light, there is no doubt you’ll enjoy Dying Light 2.

Total War: Warhammer 3 – February 17, 2022

Source: Creative Assembly

A huge release for fans of turn-based strategy and real-time tactics. Play as one of seven starting factions and conquer the world solo or with friends. Compared to the previous two games, this is the largest number of starting factions before DLC. You bet your sweet cookie that I would be playing Total War Warhammer 3 all day and night. I mean that is what I would be doing if my computer was upgraded with a graphics card that could render more than a feather without crashing. Since it’s only available for PC, I’ll sadly be sitting this one out for a while.

Horizon Forbidden West – February 18, 2022

horizon forbidden west
Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Horizon Forbidden West was one of PlayStation’s most anticipated video games of the year. Many gamers already nominate it for the game of the year. It is a direct sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn from 2017. Players take control of Aloy, a female warrior who hunts machines, and the identity of her mother. The video game is developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. PlayStation fans praised the graphics and photo mode. There was also a huge debate caused by a Horizon Forbidden West fan stating the tutorial snake boss was innovative for gaming. Monster Hunter fans largely attacked this opinion stating the Monster Hunter franchise has done this sort of battle for decades.

Elden Ring February 25, 2022

I have another blog post referring to a glimpse into the first hour of Elden Ring. Right now, I am about 40+ hours into the game. There honestly is no sign of the game coming to an end anytime soon. Since I talked about that in the latest post, I will leave this section short. Elden Ring is worth every buck. Massive amounts of content with 70+ hours of fun. All of that behind no DLC paywall just blows my freaking mind and feels so good to be a gamer right now! Learn how to find and use the Spirit Calling Bell in my YouTube video if you are playing Elden Ring.

Shadow Warrior 3 – March 1, 2022

shadow warrior 3
Devolver Digital

Shadow Warrior 3 is actually one of my most anticipated video games for the year. Yes, I am well aware it won’t touch the game of the year but I do not care. I loved the mess out of the first Shadow Warrior. Mhm, I loved the mess out of Shadow Warrior 2. The quips from the main character, Low Wang, are so stupid. But the voice actor’s charisma manages to pull it off and add to the character. Shadow Warrior 3, you are on my playlist.

“Who wants some Wang? Hmph, rather kick ass than solve puzzle. That’s no ordinary rabbit.”

Lo Wang – Shadow Warrior

Gran Turismo 7 – March 4, 2022

Gran Turismo 7 is a tough one for me to talk about. Racing games are not exactly my favorite genre to play. I love Burnout Paradise and the Forza Horizon series. But any other racing game out there, I just feel meh about it. I do not hate them or dislike them. I think my gaming behavior is more attuned to RPG and Action/Adventure video games in my current journey. Gran Turismo 7 was a pretty popular pickup for racing fans though. The smoke that’s generated from the friction of high-speed tire rotations in Gran Turismo 7 is all procedurally different according to the atmosphere and air pressure of the specific country that you race in. So that’s interesting lol

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Are there any video games you were excited about in February? Or any video games you are excited about that release in March?! Let me know in the comments. I love to see the excitement for favorite video games!

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