Hello friends and gamers,

I’m still alive! Woohoo! I have not posted in about 14 days. Crazy! I honestly was distracted because I have been setting up videos on TikTok and playing the absolutely shiznizz out of Elden Ring. I beat Elden Ring the other day too so I have been winding down from that. Good news: I will have a game gush review released in a few days. So that will be fun and I hope you enjoy the read! It talks about my experience with Elden Ring in a typical Game Gush fashion. Gosh, it has been so long since I have even done a general update!

So What’s New?!

Since the new year, I have made a few posts! Started with a Game Gush for The Gunk and Mortal Shell. Talked a bit about zodiac signs and Final Fantasy 12. Posted about my experience with The Pedestrian, The Medium, Monster Train, and a little excitement for The Wolf Among Us 2. Finally made another list for 8 video game characters who use playing cards. Released a few YouTube videos. Yeah, I think I had a few busy weeks.


There has been a gap in the last 2 weeks on the blog but my TikTok has been a little more active with some fun gameplay clips! Check those out here: GameGushGamer on TikTok. I also created a Patreon. I am a little new to all of it though so I am trying my best.

What’s in the Future?

Since my adventure with Elden Ring is over (for now), I think I’ll go back to finish Sifu and hit some other little games along the way. I am interested in Guardians of the Galaxy and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands so those might be my next main titles for the blog. Sorry to all my friends and gamers who are faithful readers and supporters! I have been slacking on the blog department.

I Would Like To Hear From You!

What are some topics in the video game realm that you would like to see discussed on the blog? What video games do you love or want to gush about? I have been thinking about a Discord community which would be cool for everyone! Would you be interested in a podcast that talks about similarities or other comparisons between video games and fiction/fantasy books? What is something you enjoy about video games? I would love to hear from you so don’t be afraid to comment. I’m a nice cookie!

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