Hello friends and gamers,

A few days ago, Xbox experienced a major server crash in the digital realm of gaming. This was very frustrating for a lot of people, myself included, because consumers literally were not able to launch a video game that was owned digitally. The main issue was Microsoft was not able to verify the license of a digital product.

As a huge gamer that has switched to mostly digital games now, this was a huge blow at first impact. I could not play with my friends or work on finishing story mode progress on other games. And like a wet sock on a rainy day, my luck is always terrible. The Xbox servers being down happened on a Friday and Saturday. My only 2 days off for the week!

So then what??

Well, the server crash reminded me that I have the PS4 Pro and the OLED Nintendo Switch! I also have a horrible, low-grade, five-year-old PC and the new Windows update caused an error which resulted in a massive chunk of my gaming video files to be lost… I was really sad. But that’s okay! Back to the topic at hand! PlayStation 4 Pro and the Nintendo Switch. Something I truly like about having different consoles is the creativity in each design.

God of War PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro is actually my wife’s console, and we are never selling this gaming system! It’s a limited edition God of War PS4 Pro with Nordic runes and just pure awesomeness! No other gaming company does home screen themes better than PlayStation. It’s so fun to swap the theme between FF7, Dishonored, Last of Us, and God of War. Not only are these themes adjusted with dynamic backgrounds, but some even play themed music. The whole experience is personalized all on one hub. If a friend is at your place, they now see a small piece of who you are just from your theme. It’s ingenious.


Then, we have the OLED Nintendo Switch. I really like this one from the original model because of the reduced bezel (black space around the screen display which means larger screen size on the OLED). The colors are also more vibrant. Honestly, I own the Nintendo console for exclusives that I obviously can’t get anywhere else. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories, Monster Hunter Rise, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, etc. Kingdom Hearts and Monster Hunter stay very close to the inner chamber of my gamer heart, so if an exclusive is out on the Nintendo Switch for one of these… You know I am playing it lol

Twitter Stuff

In my experience, you will definitely find more hate than love on Twitter. As expected, many popular gaming journalists reported on the Microsoft online system being terrible. Many comments were fueling the console war of PS being better than Xbox, yada yada. Don’t get me wrong, that was a very unfortunate event, especially for players who only have Xbox to play. But I ended up very happy in my own world for the 2 days the service was down.

I got to chill and find love in the other parts of my gamer life. Grateful to have a supportive wife and a stable job so I can afford my addictive gaming hobby. So yeah, just wanted to share some random thoughts about it, I guess.

Xbox is My Gamer Home

I love all video games and all consoles, but right now, Xbox (specifically Xbox Series X) is my gamer home. I will probably always consider it my favorite space to game freely. I also think a large part of why it’s hard to move from Xbox is that all of my best friends are here with me. There is nobody to play with on the other consoles, not to mention having to buy 3 separate subscriptions (Xbox live, ps+, Nintendo switch online) just for the sake of playing multiplayer.

What About You?

Did you know there was an Xbox issue from May 6 – May 8 (2022)? What video games do you play on the weekends? Do you have a “gamer home” on a specific console? Feel free to share your thoughts! This is a completely judge-free zone with no console wars and no hate for what you like to play!


    • I probably would enjoy PC more if I got a more powerful console with the top of the line graphics card and large SSD haha. It’s very infuriating but luckily I have a lot of different avenues in gaming when it happens 😅

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