Hello friends and gamers,

Yeesh, this year is really flying by, huh! A lot of video games have been released in 2022 and played like crazy. A lot of awesome news and trailers have been revealed for upcoming games. Some bad news like a few anticipated video games being delayed (again). But at least I can take this downtime to finish a few games hiding within my backlog! Unfortunately, the games I finished were instantly replaced with more video games on sale. Curses!

To be fair to myself, I have been more consistent with my blogging this year (besides last week). Don’t make fun of me either, but I have been releasing short clips on TikTok regularly and feel really proud of them. I even finished a YouTube video for my podcast episode going over the Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age Ultimate Weapon Name Origins.

You can watch the video here or read the blog post on the link above for a refresher:

What Have I Been Playing??

The last few weeks have been a big pile of gaming mess. I revisited video games I already played since they had new updates that came out in May. Half the month was online competitive matches between Smite and Warzone, while the other half was on Marvel’s Avengers and indie games.

Smite – Revisited

Smite is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) that’s very popular. It’s my most played video game of all time. Yeah, I have been playing Smite for years, ever since season 2! Yu Huang was released for season 8 so I had fun testing out his playstyle last month. Smite players may not agree with me but I do feel like this season is well-balanced compared to other seasons I have played. Tank meta is still obnoxious, but it used to be a lot worse.

Marvel’s Avengers – Revisited

Marvel’s Avengers had a new update in May. I tested out Spiderman, who is only playable on PlayStation, and the new resource/gear system. This was about the same time Spiderman was revealed on Fortnite so there was a lot of buzz going on. Fans said they didn’t like how clunky his movements are in Avengers compared to Fortnite and the actual Spiderman game. I do believe fans are correct that the agility and web swinging just doesn’t feel comfortable on Avengers. Every other character has been more fun to play. Saying that makes me feel bad because Spiderman is my favorite superhero.

I still enjoyed learning how to fight with Spiderman on Avengers though. It was a little difficult to understand exactly what the combat designer had in mind until it dawned on me hours later after I unlocked all his power ups. I know this would sound obvious, but his whole ability kit is just about webbing everything, everywhere, all the time.

The only critique I have is that it’s very awkward that Spiderman’s ultimate ability is a huge giant ball of webs slamming into the ground. His normal attack ability has a modifier where you can have this web bomb shoot out, connect to 6 enemies, and slam them all together in the middle. Doing that on a bigger scale with like 15 enemies for an ultimate move just feels like it would have been better than a massive web ball. And then the floor would be covered in webs which slows the movement of enemies. Boom, ultimate move enhanced!

Ravenous Devils

Super awesome indie game for a horror cooking simulator. Estimated 7 hours of game time for only $5. In my opinion, well worth the content and I really hope for a sequel someday. I usually would talk about the game in more detail here but I made an entire blog post. Check out the post if you are fans of Sweeney Todd or dark horror games! Hopefully my video will be done soon on it!


Bugsnax is a little bit of adventure, a little bit of journalism, a little bit of puzzles, all wrapped up in a nice warm heart blanket. There isn’t much to say except Bugsnax is unique, cute, engaging, comical, and dare I say, simply amazing. The voice acting performed for the unique characters in Bugsnax are so darn good too! I literally played for the bugsnax and I stayed for Gramble, Wiggles, Wampus, and the other Grumpus! I have truly enjoyed every minute of the journey so far. Highly recommended. Post going into more detail about Bugsnax soon!

Coming Soon… Maybe?

I plan to make a post about Hope and his boomerang weapons from Final Fantasy 13. A lot of the Nordic birds have crazy stories so it would be fun to talk about them and how they compare with the weapon. I will definitely be playing Sniper Elite 5 once I am done with Bugsnax! I love the Sniper elite series and the bullet time system is so ingenuous. Can’t wait to play and talk more about it soon! And then for my next indie title, I think 9 Monkeys of Shaolin will be nice to do as I am sure not many people have played it. I love to cover all video games as a variety gamer so hopefully you find love in what I love as well.

Thanks for tuning in, friends and gamers!! I’ll see you all soon.

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