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I do my best to have plans, backup plans, and backup plans to backup plans. But when you have a best friend that wants to play a random game with you, do you say no? Of course not! Instead of finishing my thorough review of Bugsnax or starting my session with the Ninja Gaiden games, I joined my friend for a wild ride on an indie game. Come explore the game gush video game topic of the day with me: Spacelines from the Far Out!

What is Spacelines from the Far Out?

Spacelines from the Far Out is a coop management indie game with rogue-like elements developed by Coffeenauts. Escort the nomadic travelers of space on your very own spaceliner across the galaxy. Think of it like owning a public bus but driving it in space! Earn money from each ticketed passenger to upgrade your spacebus with comfortable seats, extra food, a toilet for convenience, and more. As a bonus, unlock ship blueprints, unlock new characters, and unlock customization options like logos and paintjobs. You know how they’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty? Well, even space can’t keep you apart. Cars are no longer a thing, but there is a banker available who offers insurance for your ship!

spacelines from the far out

Play with Friends

Flying solo is manageable, but Spacelines from the Far Out is definitely way more fun with an extra pal or two. I played with my best bud, Scruffy, who was already on the harder space missions when I joined him for my very first voyage. Needless to say, we started off pretty rough! Although I am a quick learner, we barely stayed afloat by the hair of our chins. Ultimately, a few travels later, we ended up being blasted into smithereens by a speeding comet.

Beating the Game

Up to 4 players can play together but two very skilled flight attendants are able to complete Spacelines from the Far Out with relative ease. Beating the game is only possible by traveling from spaceport to spaceport until arriving at the space parallel of Las Vegas. Unfortunate circumstances make traveling from each spaceport more difficult. Such tasks are navigating through asteroid belts, avoiding comets, and passing health inspections. Against all odds, however, Scruffy and I beat the entire video game twice in a row!

spacelines from the far out

Expert Tips to Stay Alive in Spacelines from the Far Out

  1. Upgrade Generator ASAP
    The stock generator is rough! Just to cook some food for passengers, a sacrifice is made between the communications uplink and the radar. There are two upgrade systems which increase battery power to your ship and purchasing these as soon as possible is vital to keeping your passengers happy and the spaceliner in one piece.
  2. Stop for Fuel Every Time
    Running out of gas in the empty void of a cosmic ocean is an immediate game over. No if, ands, or buts. To avoid a random loss like this, stop at every fuel pump on the way to your destination when scanned by the radar. Just in case I need to clarify, I do mean to top off the fuel each time too. You’ll thank me later.
  3. Purchase Shield Upgrade
    The shield upgrade is not necessary if flying a blueprint that provides the ship with 5 hull points. However, most players start the game with the base model ship with only 2 hull points. Two crashes in an asteroid belt or run-ins with pesky comets turns to an instant game over. Purchase the shield upgrade as soon as possible in this case! This is a rechargeable shield that takes all the damage from an impact. Two battery levels are consumed by the shield which is why upgrading the generator first is important.

Price Vs. Worth

Spacelines from the Far Out is about $15 right now on the Xbox store page. If you want to support Coffeenauts, that’s cool, and I advise to try it out if it looks like something in your wheelhouse. For a comparison, my buddy and I beat the game twice along with doing some other shenanigans. Shenanigans which involved blowing up our ship 5 times for an achievement. Doing all of that still only has me clocked at 7 hours total playtime.

What Does That Mean, Jordan?

That means Spacelines from the Far Out is very short! Not only did we mess around by dying 5+ times, we also managed to beat the game. Not just once, but beat it twice in only 7 hours total. So it is super short and has minimum content for the price tag compared to other stuff like my previous review For Ravenous Devils coming in at only $5 for the same amount of playtime. In case you missed out on that review, you can check that out below.

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Victory in Spacelines from the Far Out

One key victory Spaceliners from the Far Out does have for the $15 range is the crossplay multiplayer. I was on Xbox Series X and able to play with Scruffy who plays on PC. Having a bit of silliness with friends does add a little extra value to the experience. As fun as it was, right now there just isn’t enough content to keep me interested in playing after beating the game twice. And that’s totally okay, Coffeenauts! You have done a great job with what you set out to accomplish. I hope to see the team continue to follow their passions and create awesome games for me to play in the future!


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