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Zack Fair in HD?!

Hello friends and gamers,

Square Enix and Capcom are two of my favorite developers! Although I enjoy LOADS of video games, the games they create just really hone in on the style I prefer. Square Enix celebrated their Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary this week with a Livestream to talk about the future of Final Fantasy. There were lots of cool new reveals. I am sort of behind on the Final Fantasy 7 remake info but there was one reveal, specifically, that has me pumped up! CRISIS CORE FINAL FANTASY VII REUNION!! FF7 Crisis Core, Zack Fair, and Sephiroth fans unite!

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Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

Crisis Core is a prequel game for Final Fantasy VII. Only gamers with a PSP (or PSP emulator) have tasted the sweet thrill ride and masterpiece of FF7 Crisis Core. Yes, this was back in 2007 during the PlayStation Portable days, long before the PS Vita. This game was so awesome though! Most people are familiar with spiky-haired blonde boy, Cloud Strife, from Final Fantasy 7. He wears a bulky Buster sword on his back. Of course, fan favorite Sephiroth is known worldwide for his white hair, dominating stance, and 20+ yard long Masamune sword. Some may wonder, how did Sephiroth end up so evil?

FF7 Crisis Core – Prequel Game

Good question! Crisis Core is a prequel game that actually goes in depth for Sephiroth’s slow fall from grace. He was a hero once, just like the main character of the story, Zack Fair. Crisis Core delves into Sephiroth’s path and the legacy of Cloud’s Buster sword. Aerith plays a huge role in this game as well. There are lots of references to one-winged angels, the apple of Eden, and the price of freedom. Genesis is a secondary main villain in Crisis Core who has a keen sense of fashion for the color red. He loves to quote a poet named Loveless. “Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess.” Gosh, everything about the game is so damn good. I’m trying not to get off topic because I could talk about the game all day and I love it!

Crisis Core Remaster/Remake

Crisis Core Reunion is a full remaster of the original PSP game! Now everyone who never got a chance to play back then will have an opportunity to play a masterpiece! Watching the fresh HD trailer already took me back to my childhood too. Do you know the awesome fight scene with Angeal vs. Genesis vs. Sephiroth? Yeah, watch this scene down below and just remember this was a cutscene on a handheld device back in 2007!

Great, did you watch it? I was playing the game and watching this cutscene while at a Christian rock concert lmao! I was only 13 or 14 years old at the time. Good times.

Favorite Final Fantasy Video Games

I really love this game. Final Fantasy X will forever be my all-time favorite of the FF series. Crisis Core and Type-0 are tied for my top FF spinoff game. Both games have amazing stories! I know I’m flipping burgers about it and I’m so freaking happy to play it again soon! Friends and gamers, it’s been so, so long. I never thought this would happen and I just want to like jump in a ball pit or something. Woohoo!

What About You?

Have you heard of FF7 Crisis Core before? Are you excited just like I am? What burning questions do you have about Final Fantasy? Who is your favorite Final Fantasy character? I would love to talk about it some more with you! As always, thanks friends and gamers. Like, comment, share, and let’s be friends, okay?

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