I am very excited to talk about Bugsnax and all the tiny details going on in this game. Bugsnax is an indie puzzle adventure game developed by Young Horses. If you think you’ve heard their name before, they are the same developers who made Octodad and Octodad Deadliest Catch! These guys and gals are great at innovation and being different. I finished everything Bugsnax and its characters had to offer, including the free DLC region – Isle of the BIGsnax! I was mindlessly addicted to everything that was thrown at me. No shame or regrets! Enough of the pep-talk, let’s take control of our expert journalist and find what secrets are uncovered upon encountering bugsnax on the uncharted Snaktooth Island!

Game Gush Review Topic – Bugsnax

Why hunt for food in the fridge when you can swoop them up from the great outdoors? Strawberries with legs, centipede sandwiches, flaming hot cheetopuffs! What more could you possibly ask for? Oh, well, I guess an evil sushi roll dragon is pretty high on the list too! The point, friends and gamers? Consuming these tasty bugsnax is a life of luxury, and I am all here for it! Grump character body parts transform when eating various bugsnax too. Unfortunately, the journalist is allergic to them.

It’s Bugsnax!

bugsnax characters

Set forth on an adventure to Snaktooth Island as a journalist who is out of second chances. After causing a huge loss to the news network, the journalist hopes to redeem the reputation that has been lost. The journalist is invited to Snaktooth Island by expert explorer, Elizabeth “Lizbert” Megafig, to document and confirm that bugsnax are, in fact, real. However, the trip takes a turn for the worse as the airship crashes into uncharted territory. Instead of finding Lizbert, the journalist finds a starving Bugsnax character named Filbo. He tells the journalist how Lizbert and the other Grumps are missing or scattered across the island. Without Grumps to interview, there is no evidence or witnesses to verify bugsnax sightings. Instead of an expected luxurious vacation, the journalist now leads a rescue mission to gather the missing Grumps of the expedition.

Repetition Does Not Feel Repeated

Playing through the entirety of Bugsnax was like watching a group of people exit a clown car because I was always distracted. Catching all the food that roam around the regions is what drives every story moment forward in the game. The feeling of doing the same thing over and over was not even present though. When I completed the task, I was distracted with a new task, moved to a different story setting, or dropped into a mini game at almost every turn of the island.

Welcome to Goodbunger, Home of the Goodbunger

bugsnax characters

For example, there is a short tutorial upon meeting Filbo. And I hate my brain because I keep wanting to call him Filbo Baggins! After the tutorial, we meet another Bugsnax character, Wambus, in the next area. Wambus is a farmer of special sauces. The first sauce we get to try is the mighty ketchup! The bugsnax are really funny in this area too because the quest involves capturing a bunger (burger), a fryder (fries), and a dr. soda (soda). What’s that? A medium number 1 combo with extra ketchup? Ah such a classic meal!

Beffica the Gossip Girl

Players also meet the nosey Beffica in the same area as Wampus. She’s a true gossip girl. All her enjoyment comes from playing pranks on other Grumps or knowing all their business. But at least she’s helpful and lends us a journal since ours was lost in the airship crash. There is also a quest devoted to finding her favorite bugsnax. Spoiler alert—it’s a hot dog lol

Bugsnax Fun Activities

What else does the journalist do besides scheme for more snacks? Snoop around with Beffica and find out what every character does at midnight. Plant bugsnax in the ground to see if they grow. Donate bugsnax to Gramble’s barn and gently pet every single one. Bond with friends around a campfire. Customize one’s very own domicile literally from the ground all the way up to the roof. Did I forget to mention transforming Grumps into food sasquatches and collecting hat toppers for barn pets? There’s fun everywhere you go!

Bugsnax Voice Actors

Young Horses outdone themselves with superb writing for every character. Not only were there flaws, strengths, and quirks for every Grump character in Bugsnax, but the voice actors nailed their roles flawlessly. In all honesty, most of the time spent with characters was about 10x more enjoyable because the voice actors just solidified their moments. Seriously, every voice actor in Bugsnax deserves a 10/10 rating. Chandlo is probably my favorite character though. “Get SWOLE DAWG!” Love his energy.

19 Hours 11 Minutes – 100% Completion

19 hours 11 minutes is the total playtime to complete Bugsnax which involves doing the main story line, free DLC region, all side quests, hut furnishings, hat toppers, all grump transformations, video diaries, captured every species, and completed every achievement. To be fair, this was at a very fast pace but possibly can be done even faster if you gather the Trip Shot gadget earlier on. However, I would estimate about 21-27 hours for the average player.

Bugsnax Free DLC Update – Isle of BIGsnax

Young Horses provided a free DLC update to Bugsnax on April 28th, 2022 that added a lot of new content such as the hut furnishings, hat toppers, and new biome. Once you get far enough in the game, Simmering Springs will open up the new island where bugsnax have mutated to BIGsnax. In order to capture a BIGsnax, the journalist now must find a way to shrink down the size of the them first. This mechanic adds a new layer of puzzle complexity. However, the core gameplay for the bugsnax free dlc is still overall fun!

Bugsnax Secret Content – Major Spoilers

bugsnax dlc

Snorpy is a paranoid Grump who spends a lot of the game hiding from a very secretive organization called the Grumpinati. Well, we obviously do not believe the Grumpinati is a real organization. It’s just easier to assume Snorpy has went a little crazy in his paranoia. Fast forward, at the Isle of BIGsnax, there is a chest which holds a triangular-shaped key. This secret key opens an underground passage hidden behind Grumpbeard’s sunken ship.

Audio diaries are found of the previous journalist who went snooping around Snaktooth Island. The journalist learns about the secret Bugsnax Cult whose primary focus is to turn the whole entire world into Bugsnax (with small hints that a potential sequel is in the works). It’s hilarious though because they mention the Grumpinati as another secret organization which just means that Snorpy was right all along about being paranoid. Everything comes full circle and it’s just wonderful! One last bugsnax is unlocked as well, the Cappuceetle. He’s a cute little speedy cup of coffee!

Fun Puzzle Adventure Game

Bugsnax is a fun adventure puzzle game with unique ideas. It has plenty of content all weaved into every facet of the story instead of a slog that goes out of the way of the main objective. Gameplay mechanics are solid and allow players to test the boundaries of capture gadgets. Grump characters accompanied by high quality voice actors create an exciting and relatable experience. Small details on hut furnishings and hat toppers feel like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. And let’s not forget about illusive organizations and secret endings! Hungry for more puzzle adventures? Check out The Pedestrian!

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