Hello Friends and Gamers,

Thanks for joining a celebratory blog post for one of my most viewed posts regarding Monster Hunter World! What is even crazier about landing #1 on Google search results is that I honestly didn’t mean to. If you frequent my blog or social medias, you know I absolutely love Monster Hunter. I have over 400+ playtime hours on Monster Hunter World and Iceborne. It’s one of my top 3 favorite video games of all time! So what exactly did I talk about to land at the top of the search results?

What Did I Do?

So there are these joke weapons that appear in the game. These weapons have decent stats but honestly they are just created for a good laugh. For example, in an older Monster Hunter game, the charge blade had a funny weapon variant that looked like a pizza slicer. Surprisingly, I searched on Google to see a list of joke weapons in Monster Hunter World. The results didn’t provide what I was looking for. The best result was a Redditt post where the amazing MH community listed a few known ones. But it was mundane because there were no pictures involved and there was a lot more than 4 or 5. You know, I felt let down because I really wanted to see all the weapons in comedic glory.


I figured since I could solo even the most fierce monsters in minutes, I would play and find the joke weapons myself. From there, I compiled my list into a fun blog post that included pictures! I just wanted to help out other monster hunter fans that were interested. In a crazy turn of events, what happened is that I ended up accidentally landing on the number 1 search result! Here is the post as well in case you wanted to take a peek at it.

It’s Been Over A Year. Let Me Be Excited!

It sounds really silly. Being excited about a blog post, I guess? I uploaded the post in May 2021 and I have known for awhile that it was on the top search result. Some people may see this post as bragging or gloating and I want to go on record and say I don’t think I’m better than anyone in any way for landing #1 on the monster hunter funny weapons. However, the post is still #1 on the search result, even after a year, so I’m really excited! Over 800 lovely peeps across the world have found their way to my post in just the first 6 months of 2022. I hope the funny weapon list helped out all my Monster Hunter fans and gamers out there!

Game Gush Gamer

Sometimes, I forget that I created my blog so I could voice my opinion in the first place. Maybe you can’t tell from my written words or spoken voice (on YouTube), but I am EXTREMELY self conscious about myself. I don’t like my voice or my face. You may even notice I have social anxiety. Yeah, this is lame too, but I always have a fear of being judged. It’s hard to explain but it takes a ton of willpower to show my content to my followers. Just know all of my content is made with love and I appreciate everyone who loves to read or watch my videos ♥️


Anyway, today is a celebratory post! My blog was conjured out of creativity for me to rise up and be the Game Gush Gamer! I gush about video games and all things gaming. I will uplift positive culture in the gaming communities and make a lot of friends along the way. So tell me one thing before you leave here today!

Comment & Talk About One!!!

What are you most proud of? What inspires you to keep pushing forward? What blog post have you published that you enjoy the most? Do you have anxiety like me but really need to get something off your chest?Comment and let’s talk about it! As always, thanks friends and gamers. Don’t be afraid to share your wins!!

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