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Hello friends and gamers,

It’s been an interesting last few weeks since my last update! My wife and daughter both had the flu. I have oral thrush (insane) and an ear infection. But at least we still have video games, am I right?? Today, I’ll start by refreshing my friends on all my new posts since my last blog update. Then talk about what video games I’m playing right now. To wrap it up, I will most likely regret telling you about my posting habits! Let’s begin with what’s new.

June Was Indie Game Month

For my blog and social content, I knocked out Ravenous Devils in late May. June was definitely my indie game month with a lineup of Spacelines from the Far Out, Bugsnax, and 9 Monkeys of Shaolin! Other indie games played but not discussed on the blog were Deep Rock Galactic, Tainted Grail Conquest, and Fights in Tight Spaces. Ravenous Devils peaked my curiosity with bloodshed and meat pies. Spacelines from the Far Out and Deep Rock Galactic are fun options just to experience good times with friends. Bugsnax was absolutely my favorite in terms of overall enjoyment. Indie games rule! You’ll definitely see more indie stuff from me soon.

July is HOT

July is a good month to play video games because it is hotter than a mother trucker in Texas! Nothing like 108+ degree weather for several weeks straight and only 3 hours of rain. My poor, poor grass. On a positive note, I have been enjoying a few video games so far while slowing dying from the heat. Sniper Elite 5, Naraka Bladepoint, and surprisingly, Matchpoint Tennis Championships.

Sniper Elite 5

Messing around on Sniper Elite 5 is a very odd feeling. The missions are like small sections of an open-world map so you have freedom to do a lot of different tactics to complete your objective. Charge with guns blazing (most likely death awaits). Snipe from afar to avoid detection (the obvious route). A third option is to create all kinds of distractions and wimbly nimbly avoid every enemy. Mix and match your playstyle. Do whatever gets the job done, soldier.

The most thrilling sensation for Sniper Elite 5 is, of course, the kill cams. Why are they so freaking satisfying?! Slow-mo bullet time on top of x-ray vision. The pure shock of seeing a punctured lung deflate in real time. Or the way you grit your teeth as we watch the bones of an enemy’s vertebrae literally shatter within the neck. And dare I say, squirming at one of the most horrible things a man can endure—the testicle shot. Oh, Sniper Elite 5, you will always impress me with the kill cams.

Naraka Bladepoint

Naraka Bladepoint is a battle royale game but with a twist. I know that’s not saying much because every battle royale has its own twist, right? However, Naraka Bladepoint is an Asian feudal (medieval) style matchup where most battles are up close and personal with melee weapons. There are bows and cannons available too. Ranged weapons don’t have aim assist so the game actually favors melee weapons. Finally, for once, a developer understands! I recommend trying out this player versus player environment if you want to take a break from all the shooters like Warzon, Apex, and PubG.

Matchpoint Tennis Championships

Unfortunately, I am one of the only people alive who probably loves playing Matchpoint. There are tons of reviews on Xbox for 1 or 2 stars mentioning how the controls are clunky or difficult. I think a lot of people are just confused how the controls work because it’s been 100% perfect for me. There is a lot of ground to cover with this one so I’ll save Matchpoint for another blog post later. Basically, Matchpoint Tennis Championships has a more realistic approach to tennis matches compared to other arcade style games. And for the sake of the reviews, most people don’t realize that you have to hold down the swing button as soon as the opponent hits the ball. That’s what everyone is having trouble with. Anyway, I love this game!


Posting Habits!

I really should get in the habit of writing my thoughts down and posting on the website as soon as I get done with a game session. What happens is I have a “try hard” and perfectionist urge to make my blog post amazing. In my mind, I want every post to be clean and include pictures and have no errors and be fun to read. You know, just a lot of details and whatnot. So I look at a post, think nobody will care, and end up scrapping it. It’s difficult to turn off that part of my brain. For the sake of my mental health, I should just post the damn thing and not care as much. Anyway, that’s my own battle, and I hopefully improve on that over time. I have tons of game experiences I would love to share with my friends! Anyway, thanks for catching up with me today. As always, I’ll see you soon, friends and gamers!

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