Sea of Thieves

Ahoy friends and gamers,

Captain Cookies on deck and ready to set sail. Argh, look at you lot. So you think you scallywags are good enough to be pirates, do ye? Well, travel aboard the Cookie’s vessel to test your mettle! Embark on an amiable order for the prominent Mr. Abell. During the voyage, expect to encounter skeletons, capture animals, dig up buried treasure, and prepare for bombardment. Now raise the anchor, ye sea dogs! Captain Cookies and First Mate Scruffy set course to Chicken Isle to complete the chicken quest amidst the infamous Sea of Thieves! Pray to Davy Jones that our voyage be blessed.

What is Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves is an action adventure game developed by Rare. The game has been around since 2018! Essentially, players assume the role of a pirate and complete quests to rank up in different trading companies. After all these years, 2022 marked the first time I experienced Sea of Thieves. Safe to say, I am obviously pretty late to the party. Playing solo is very lonely though. I recommend always joining up with a friend on Sea of Thieves to have the most fun. Here’s how just one of my adventures turned out while playing with my best bud, Scruffy. And, of course, I have a full YouTube video available showcasing our piracy. Feel free to like and subscribe to the channel!

The Fish That Got Away

Jack Sparrow makes being a pirate look way too easy. As for Scruffy and I, we found out the life of a pirate on the Sea of Thieves is no such thing. It’s dangerous, difficult, and unpredictable. At the beginning of our Chicken Quest adventure, Scruffy was waiting for me to join the lobby. I found him fishing on the pier. A fish caught his hook as I walked by. I hollered for him to reel it in. Unexpectedly, the fishing line snapped. The fish got away. We sighed with disappointment.

Sea of Thieves Questing

Sea of Thieves

Without food, the pirate boys were still hungry for experience and gold. A quest note was swiped off the quest board in anticipation. Reading the parchment on the ship, it turned out to be “an amiable order for the prominent Mr. Abell.” Our mission? To capture and deliver 3 red-speckled chickens and 2 golden chickens. “Where do pirates find such chickens?” we pondered, perusing the table map. Ah, Chicken Isle, but of course! With the anchor raised and sails lowered, our duo pirate crew swept off with the Sea of Thieves!

Leisure Activities on Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves

Scruffy navigated the whole way there. I admit that I felt like a lazy bard on the ship route. But nothing sounds better on the sea than a musical shanty. In the cool breeze amidst the wind and waves, I played a beautiful song with my accordion. After a few nautical miles, my spider senses tingled. I pulled out my spyglass. What’s that? Fresh land ahead? My nostrils inhaled the air deeply. Mm, yes, I could smell it. The shores of Chicken Isle! It took long enough to get off the Sea of Thieves and onto an island.

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Chicken Isle

Several chickens clucked around the island. Among the shore, I found a bottle with a treasure map hidden within. A skeletal pirate captain interrupted our important search for the chickens we needed. He managed to slice my flesh but he inevitably was no match for the Cookie pirates. His bones swiftly scrambled into dust. At this point, we were hunting chickens in the dark. Scruffy held up his lantern for me to see since I had the animal cage. I ended up capturing the wrong type of chicken. Wanting to be a decent human being, I asked how to release it from the cage. Unfortunately, we didn’t know how to do that. Scruffy proposed to shoot it. Before I could comment, he pulled out his flintlock pistol and annihilated the chicken. Poof! Nothing but a pile of feathers remained. What else could I do except awkwardly laugh in pain?

Snake Bites in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves

Among other silly moments in our Sea of Thieves adventure, I crashed our ship into the shores of an island, then crashed into a pier of the very same island. Took a few cannon balls to the mast like a badass. Dug up special treasure called a Chest of Sorrows and kept its watery tears from sinking the ship. The funniest moment, by far, was being bit by a golden snake. I never saw it coming so my shrill of terror on YouTube is 100% authentic haha!

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I love playing video games with my friends and having a good time. Definitely watch the adventure on YouTube for all the silly moments! Be warned, I giggle like a school girl. Experiencing Sea of Thieves also has me a little interested in Ubisoft’s soon-to-be pirate game, Skull & Bones. Also keep a lookout for my next blog content! Scruffy and I will be getting squeaky clean in Power Wash Simulator. After that, we dip our toes in Arcadegeddon, a video game about an evil megacorporation trying to buyout the last arcade on the block. When the arcade owner refuses to sell, the megacorp uploads a virus into the owner’s successful virtual reality arcade game. Fun stuff!

As always, I appreciate all your love and support to Game Gush Gamer! Thanks for tuning in. I’ll see you soon, fam!

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