square enix power wash simulator xbox review

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square enix power wash simulator xbox review

Cue music! *jingle to Frosty the Snowman* 🎵 Scrubbidy scrub scrub. Scrubbidy scrub scrub. Look at Power Washer go. Scrubbidy scrub scrub. Scrubbidy scrub scrub. Over the hill of gross! 🎵 Ta-da! So, guess what, game gushers? Simulator games are now everywhere in the gaming communities (no complaints here)! Gamers get to enjoy the luxurious life of a stubborn goat. Struggles of city/people management. Travel along many tiresome roads while hauling freight on a big rig truck. Surreal feelings of house flipping (possibly my favorite). And, oh my goodness, what is this? Power Wash Simulator published by Square Enix on my Xbox Series X? You’re telling me that I get to hose down all types of things that are filled with dirt, grime, and oil? Speak no further! Join the Game Gushers pressure washing crew and find out how much filth is in my Power Wash Simulator Game Gush Review.

Square Enix Power Wash Simulator

square enix power wash simulator xbox review

As a quick note, Power Wash Simulator has been on my list to play since I heard about the game in development. It was very shocking to me that Power Wash Simulator was published by Square Enix. I mean, Square Enix is a popular video game studio mainly known for Japanese Role-Playing Games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Since I have had some pleasant times with similar simulator games, I thought I’d test the waters (puns, hilarious)! Without further ado, let’s get down and dirty in the game gush review for Power Wash Simulator!

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Squeaky Clean Satisfaction

Do you ever watch those satisfying videos where the audio and visual aesthetics are just too mesmerizing? Like the *RIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!* when scissors cut smooth across wrapping paper? Well, Power Wash Simulator is a little bit like that. Watch in awe as all the muck is slowly stripped away. Is there a feeling of instant gratification? Yes.

I also believe the sound effects are what keep the game more addicting as you play. Showering an object until it’s squeaky clean will pop off something like a cha-ching sound. The water will also make different noises depending on the type of surface being cleaned and how fast the player is rotating the pressure washer. Power Wash Simulator on Xbox also showcased a clear disadvantage with the aim sensitivity compared to PC. Sadly, no in-game music is present, but that just means you can jam to your own radio!

Patience is Key? No. Patience is Pressure Washing

If patience is not your strong suit, then Power Wash Simulator may not bode too well for you. Pressure washing every single tiny stain will test even the best calm-natured person’s sanity. The last speck of grime could be tucked within a corner between two segmented walls. I guarantee dirt glued to the bottom of objects close to the ground will hinder a lot of progress for people. This is easily overlooked as most often players are spraying down and side to side.

Patience is 90% of the battle when it comes to Power Wash Simulator jobs. On the other hand, patient personalities and clean freaks will absolutely wipe the filth away. For example, my wife has been playing Power Wash Simulator every day for hours! Among her many pressure washing jobs, an entire fire station and their rescue vehicles were cleaned. All by hand with a lovely pressure washer!

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Career Mode

Playing career mode with a friend will complete jobs faster, but Power Wash Simulator sort of shoots itself in the foot. The career mode’s host gains all the benefits and the other person basically will have to redo everything on their own playthrough. Scruffy and I played together on the launch date. I started as the host. When completing career jobs, I was awarded stars (needed to unlock upgradeable equipment) and money (needed to purchase equipment).

Scruffy, however, did not earn stars. He only earned about 30% of the total money I did. Lastly, upgraded equipment can only be equipped by the host. We switched to Scruffy being the host after completing a few jobs so he could get his career going and set him up with upgraded equipment. That’s when we found out that even though I unlocked equipment and soap on my career, I still couldn’t use it as the second player on Scruffy’s career. It was a minor disappointment since Power Wash Simulator turned out to be so restrictive when wanting to play with a friend.

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Power Wash Simulator Game Gush Review – Final Thoughts

Anyone who dabbles in Power Wash Simulator can easily succumb to hours of pressure washing heaven. The playground is the most daunting level for new players. If you manage to complete the task without ripping your hair out, then consider yourself a professional Power Washer! I had a load of fun playing Power Wash Simulator on my Xbox. But it has become very obvious that my wife is having 10x more satisfaction. She is currently cleaning a carousel (yes, there is even a button to make it spin). Right now, I see no sign of her stopping until the whole town of Muckingham is sparkling like glistening pearls. As for me, I enjoyed my brief time on the simulator and have moved on to Arcadegeddon, Road 96, and Death’s Door. Let me know how you feel about Power Wash Simulator! As always, thanks for tuning in. Catch ya later!

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