Hello friends and game gushers,

Do you ever overhear a topic you are super interested in or a topic you are passionate about? Or do you happen upon an unsavory opinion on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Redditt, or whatever social media you are into these days? From a state of rest, a fiery passion ignites deep within your core. The yearning of the soul begs your sweet, innocent fingertips to scribble the ideas of your discourse on the appropriate conversation… Then what?

You type out a 500-1000 word monologue. Stretch the legs for a moment. Read over the masterpiece thoroughly. Ensure that all target points have been related to in the discussion. The final moment has now come to pass. An acknowledgement that you are about to eject a civilized viewpoint onto the naïve open world. And what do you decide to do with that lingering power? Oh no. You did what? You… deleted it?

Spreading Positive Vibes

Welcome to my humble abode! You are totally not alone in this endeavor. There are many occasions where I have done and still do the very same thing. I will explain how I handle online situations below. Let me know in the comments if you do something similar or if you do something different. Unfortunately, I have a silly thought that my opinions and viewpoints (specifically about video games) don’t matter to the larger scope of society. I often wonder if my love for games could ever spread to other people like a flowering seed in the wind. You know, an effort, in some small way, that casually builds positivity in the new and current generation of gamers.

Twitter & Xbox Gamepass

For example, someone on Twitter posted a statement that Xbox Gamepass has not been hitting hard this year (2022). It’s okay to have that opinion. I disagree with that statement wholeheartedly. The main post is not the issue. However, the most liked comments on the thread are negative-based. Top commenters refer to Gamepass not having any good games that were released on the service this year. These remarks are indirectly spitting in the face of all hardworking game developers across the gaming industry and communities (AAA and Indie Studios). The negativity just never sits well with me because many amazing people from many diverse cultures have created awesome video games (some of them I have even talked about and reviewed on the blog).

Game Gush Gamer

Although I’d love to discuss the topic (as someone who has played a lot of video games on Gamepass this year, and not as someone who just looks at a screenshot, says no thanks, and then assumes it’s bad), I am under the impression that my voice has no reach. Well, someone may benefit from my viewpoint anyway, right? That’s the thing. I am not an expert in how people think about these things.

I would hope I appear as a positive role model within gaming. My crippling anxiety stops me from commenting my own opinion. But you know what I remembered this week? It’s seems silly to forget, but I remembered that I have a BLOG about VIDEO GAMES! My sole purpose for creating this site was to be a POSITIVE OUTLET for GAMING! GameGushGamer is my safe place where I know my voice is heard by my friends and game gushers.

Be Persistent

When I feel the necessary urge to write a fully formed essay as a comment chain, I honestly should be putting that focus right smack dab into the blog. Even if the post doesn’t make much sense, I think airing out my grievances or emotions is a part of mental stability. Another reason it’s so hard to blog is because I’ve spent my whole life keeping my inner thoughts and feelings on the inside. I LOVE stories and escaping reality in all kinds of video game universes! So many amazing memories. But I never really gushed about them in public, you know? I was the quiet kid ha.

It’s strange just to type out my thoughts and reflect on my own life. Sorry if this part was awkward. Persistence is key though! I’ve been blogging for over a year. Now I’m back to creating my YouTube content, a challenge I haven’t done in over 10 years as a teenager. So far it’s been a great year and I feel like my old self when I talk about video games here. To anyone reading, I really appreciate all the support and friendship provided within the last year. It’s been real fun and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon! As always, thanks for tuning in, friends and game gushers. I’ll catch you later!

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