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Arcadegeddon Game Gush Review

Obtain the highest score by deleting data demons as the ultimate anti-virus hardware in the arcade room. It’s Arcadegeddon Game Review time!

Hello Friends and Game Gushers,

Nostalgic arcade noises bounce around in that gamer noggin of yours. Pew pew. Pew pew. Wakka wakka wakka wakka. Bow ow ow ow. Plink plink. Your lonesome presence arches over the ancient arcade machine. Today is the day you conquer the highscore. Aching fingers slam back and forth between the stiff yellow and red buttons. Incessant children screech in the background. They race across the floor with no supervision in sight. But trained ears only listen to the whispers of the machine. A crowd has now gathered. Eyes of envy shroud your body. You only have one last button mash to obtain the most pivotal arcade achievement in your existence. Are you successful? *record scratch* And what does that have to do with my Arcadegeddon Game Gush Review?! Absolutely nothing, but I hope you liked the mini short story!

What is the Video Game, Arcadegeddon?

arcadegeddon game review

Arcadegeddon is a third-person action-adventure looter shooter developed by Illfonic. When the owner of the last arcade on the block refuses to sell his business, Fun Fun Co. begins to threaten the arcade. In spite of Fun Fun Co.’s warning, the arcade owner creates a one-of-a-kind virtual reality video game machine. He believes this invention is the key to entice more gamers to defend the arcade. As he turns on the game, a nasty virus, courtesy of Fun Fun Co., infects the virtual reality machine. The virus causes data demons to appear in the Arcadegeddon game and harm players. Now saving the arcade falls upon the power of the Plugs, super adaptable gamers with virus-slaying skills. Hack away enemies and rise to the top of the leaderboards as THE ultimate anti-virus hardware known throughout arcade history.

Arcadegeddon Game Review – Art Direction

A neon nightlife art style fused with cyberpunk gameplay animations gel so well together. Arcadegeddon doesn’t just look good to play. It FEELS good to play. Huge compliments to the customization team as well! Whoever worked on these outfits have included a fair variety of swagger. Categories are arranged in tops, legs, and gauntlets. The head component has it’s own breakdown with hairstyles and facial hair. Accessories make out the final category with helmets, masks, and other oddities like headphones or earrings. Pick out your favorite outfit selections with more than 10 different options in each category. Oh, am I done? Nope! There’s also tons of different tints (color patterns) to unlock for every customization item. The entire visual concept is just too cool. Excellent work!

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Progressing Story Mode

In order to further the story of Arcadegeddon, players need to complete a series of objectives (gang-related challenges) while navigating adventure runs. An adventure run consists of 3 major factors: stages, bosses, and sweet, sweet loot. Delete invasive data across multiple virtual reality landscapes referred to as stages. Defeat a lineup of 4 individual bosses that evolve depending on the difficulty level. Open hidden chests to pop a loot-filled explosion in the form of coins, randomized weapons, and passive perks.

Arcadegeddon Game Review – Stage Components

Every stage completed in the run will increase the combat difficulty by 1. Brief moments of respite are found throughout the stages. Players can use these rest areas to heal, shop for items, and even spend coins to increase the difficulty faster than normal. Enemies and bosses get stronger as the difficulty rises. Not only do they get stronger, but they level up with the game. Normal soldiers are slowly replaced by elite units, tanky suicide bombers, fast zombie demons, invisible ninjas, and more!

Arcadegeddon Game Review – Weapon Variety

arcadegeddon game review

Weapons are assorted into melee, SMG, assault rifles, rocket launchers, and unique classes. Every weapon feels different and actually has an impact at higher difficulty levels. I personally recommend the Hunter (AR), Cold Shoulder (rocket launcher), Melter (SMG), and Party Favor (unique) as the best weapons to use from each class. Loot rarity is in the form of common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. Higher loot rarities increase weapon damage and sometimes other passive effects like increased fire rate or extra bullets per magazine. Earning kills with normal weapons (excluding unique class weapons) will increase efficiency. Higher efficiency allows players to start each run decked out with their preferred legendary loadout.

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Arcadegeddon Game Review – Gauntlet Abilities

Gauntlet abilities and passive perks are designed to encourage diverse playstyles. Two abilities can be equipped so it’s recommended to mix and match to find out what playstyle works best. Chunk fireballs. Smash corrupted data as the mighty Pluggernaut. Heal teammates. These abilities recharge over time and are accelerated by performing multiple kills in a row to gain a surge of power. Passive perks increase total health, shields, damage, or other benefits. Scruffy and I also found a combo that can be exploited for super fast experience farming.

Arcadegeddon Game Review – Online Matchmaking

The only frustration with Arcadegeddon was online matchmaking. However, that could just be with the Xbox network. I believe PC and PlayStation matchmaking is working as intended. When the game first released on Xbox, we did not have a way to link to Epic Games Store to add friends from other platforms. Scruffy and I literally did quick matchmaking at the same time in hopes of finding each other. Which, surprisingly, worked pretty well. After 2 weeks, the link feature was added so Scruffy and I could finally party up. But this didn’t work out either because the game would not connect us to any matches while we were in a party. In the end, we went back to quick matchmaking separately, which continued to work better anyway.

Game Gush Gamer

arcadegeddon game review

Overall, the loot-based gameplay and combat fluidity pack a fun punch. Conquering adventure runs can be done solo, but Arcadegeddon will be more competitive and engaging with a group of friends. Global customization makes every character appear and feel different. Score high enough on the weekly leaderboards and you may even find yourself adorning a digital crown. Arcadegeddon is awarded 100 digital cookies and recommended for any fan of looter shooters! Thanks for tuning in to Arcadegeddon Game Gush Review! As always, catch you next time, game gushers!

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