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What has Jordan the Game Gush Gamer been up to lately? Playing games, duh! Gushing about video games? You freaking know it! More indie games? Absolutely! Game reviews? Mhm! You can also check out what I have been playing on my YouTube channel. I tend to upload my complete blind playthroughs and little quick tip videos before writing posts on the blog. Once I complete a single player game or play an online game thoroughly enough, I post a game gush review here on the blog! From there, I incorporate my blog review into a YouTube video. Support the gaming life with a like or a comment. Subscribe and share!


So what exactly has the mighty game gush gladiator been up to since my last post? I completed a few more indie games! One such game is Arcadegeddon. Arcadegeddon is about killing infected data inside a virtual reality arcade machine. Join up to 4 players in a digital looter shooter realm and defend the last arcade on the block! Arcadegeddon Game Gush Review available here on the blog or on YouTube.

Death’s Door

Death’s Door is an adventure game about, well, death. Written dialogue and environmental scenery create a unique experience with great storytelling and lore building. Boss battles are well-balanced as analyzing their attacks will show signs of counterattacks. The full blind playthrough is being uploaded on YouTube. Subscribe so you don’t miss out on the next part of the adventure! Game Gush Review coming soon.

Multiversus is Warner Bros’ free-to-play brawler in open beta. Over 10 million players have already joined the beta so this one has the potential to be MASSIVE! And I have to admit, it was fun playing as Finn and knocking around Lebron James and Tom & Jerry. The graphics were also better than anticipated! With some fine-tuning, Multiversus definitely has a chance to be just as great as Super Smash Bros, PlayStation All-Stars, and Brawlhalla.

Turbo Golf Racing

Turbo Golf Racing says it all. Speed down a golf course in a hydraulic-boosted vehicle and smack your ball into the hole as fast as possible! Currently in game preview status so it is not officially released yet. Although it’s an online competitive game, Turbo Golf Racing is honestly more about racing yourself against the clock. How well do you know the course and how many mistakes will you make to get to the hole? Adding another mode so that we can bump into other players and hit other balls would be awesome!

Two Point Campus

Just now released on 8.9.2022! Playing through the levels and will have uploaded videos sometime this month. Only played an hour so far so not sure what to say yet except that I am having fun. I have 2 lecture halls, a student lounge, staff lounge, scientology lab class, VR lab class, 2 libraries, 2 dormitories, bathrooms, and showers. Most of my students are passing with a B-. Thank you, thank you, I humbly accept the best Dean award. *Thinks about the dean from the show, Community, and laughs*

Ninja Gaiden Sigma [Hard Mode Blind Playthrough]

Holy shitake mushrooms! I have never played Ninja Gaiden Sigma before in my life. I thought it would be soooo exciting to play on hard mode as my first ever blind playthrough because I heard it was really hard. Boy, they were not kidding. This game slaps me so hard in the face, I almost rage quit every day. I am stuck on chapter 9 against this powerful demon fiend named Alma. I will definitely have a death tally racking over 100 by the end of my playthrough. There are over 18 chapters (help me).

Game Gush Gamer

Thanks for tuning in to my update! I have been on a role the last few weeks so I’m super proud of myself! Unfortunately, that also has me scared because I don’t want my depression to come back any time soon. Playing games and creating all this video content has been really fun and, stress-relieving, I guess? It’s empowering to express who I truly am on here! I’m trying to poke out of my shell. Right now a lot of videos do not have my live commentary as I have anxiety about my voice but I will try to implement my commentary if that’s something you would like? Just let me know what you think! As always, I appreciate all my game gushers, and I’ll see you soon!

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