Turbo Golf Racing Game Preview

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Turbo Golf Racing is a fun experiment by Hugecalf Studios. It’s like a game jam formation where people got together and said, “Hey, why not use the logic of Rocket League and apply that to a sport that is usually patient and calm. Who cares about how many shots it takes? That’s boring! Let’s vroom vroom and power boost a golf ball into a hole as fast as possible!” And you know what? What a brilliant idea! As of right now (08.15.2022), Turbo Golf Racing is currently in game preview status.

What is Turbo Golf Racing Game Preview?

A game preview means Turbo Golf Racing is playable but it is not officially released yet. This kind of preview is helpful to developers because they receive a live data reading on bugs and glitches that are happening in real-time with real online players. Of course, that is important because they take that data to resolve any major bugs before officially releasing the game to a wider audience. Users that test out the game can also provide feedback on their experiences, which help enhance the final game product in the end. sers to test them before release and give feedback on their experiences.

Turbo Golf Racing Game Preview – Gameplay Breakdown

Tracks / Courses

Switching to gameplay, tracks are rated by green (easy), medium (yellow), and hard (red) difficulty. The more difficult tracks have a lot more sand bunkers to slow the car down, more slopes (especially uphill) to force the ball downward, and curved trails to force sharper turns. The courses also include power-ups in strategic areas and little speed trails to provide an extra boost. There are special rings throughout the course that you want to look out for. Hitting a ball into a ring will always throw the ball where you need to go, and sometimes even land right into the hole to secure a sneaky first place finish!

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Power ups

Turbo Golf Racing uses a combination of a few different game mechanics. Racing (golfing?) honestly feels like playing Mario Kart, in a way. Although golf racers can’t bump into each other, the power-ups are available to get an advantage. Shoot a missile at the competition, be shielded from the offensive attack, or gain a full charge of boost instantly. Since you will be dealing with power-ups while racing up to 7 opponents to be the first ball in the hole at the end of a track, Turbo Golf Racing does have that familiar sense of urgency.

Competition is Yourself

I went into Turbo Golf Racing with the initial thought that we could hit other player’s balls though. So I was just a tad sad to find out that wasn’t the case. If Hugecalf Studios implement a “hardcore” lobby to bump into other players and hit their balls… Man, I think that would increase both the pressure of the competition and the wackiness of a fun party game. Currently, Turbo Golf Racing is about 85% playing against yourself. It boils down to how well you know the tracks and how fast you can get your ball into the hole.

Turbo Golf Racing Game Preview – Overview

Rocket League is a tough competitor in this market since they have soccer, and technically basketball, locked down. With enough polish and variety, Turbo Golf Racing could be just as dominant though. Incorporating the PvP bumper car aspect would enhance my experience, personally. To me, that would feel way more competitive since right now it’s racing against myself. Racing ghost cars just doesn’t have the same amount of drive (puns, baby). Twas a fun ride for a time, but now I must roll out to more games! What about you, game gushers? Lemme know your thoughts on the matter! As always, you’ll hear from me soon.

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