Death's Door Game Review

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Spread those beautiful black wings and sharpen those glorious talons! You will need everything in that little beak-faced arsenal to make it through this grim adventure. Death’s Door is an indie game that really impressed me with lore-building. It’s very reminiscent of how FromSoftware tackles lore in their famous Dark Souls series. Written dialogue and environmental surroundings literally build the lore of the world without having to utter a single word. Let’s take a more in-depth look at these concepts and find out what else is included in this awesome indie game title. Bada bing bada boom baby! It’s time for Death’s Door Game Gush Review!

The Destined Crow

Death's Door Game Review

Lead the life of a destined crow whose unfortunate career involves a whole lot of death. Essentially, crows are the immortal grim reapers of the universe. The handlers at Reaping Commission Headquarters assign targeted souls that need to be harvested to the crows. When a crow travels through a door to the other world, they will start to age and be susceptible to death. Until they return with the assigned soul, that is. Our journey unfolds after the destined crow is assigned a giant soul. Before we are able to return the soul to headquarters, a larger grey crow knocks us unconscious. The main character, now mortal without his assigned soul, sets out on a journey to unlock Death’s Door with hopes to regain his immortality.

Death’s Door

Death's Door Game Review

Opening Death’s Door requires the destined crow to collect 3 giant souls. Due to various reasons, giant souls are really powerful beings who have lived way past their (scheduled) lifespans. The entire story will take place over 5 main locations: Reaping Commission Headquarters, a lost cemetery, a witch’s palace, a forest/swamp, and a snowy mountain. Each location is separated into about 3 puzzle-adventure areas so the map is pretty expansive. I’ll talk more about what I liked about these locations further down in the review. What occurs at Death’s Door with all giant souls in hand? Guess you’ll have to play or watch my playthrough to find out!

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Death’s Door Game Gush Review – Gameplay

Gameplay is a good mix of exploring, solving puzzles, and losing a couple feathers in combat. Secret pathways can be discovered that lead to mystical monuments. Collecting enough gemstones from the monuments will boost health and magic spells. Search too well, however, and you’ll even find secret bosses ready to smite you into the earth. Most puzzles are straightforward but there are a few that can be difficult depending on your own observation. Combat is very nerve-wracking when you only have 1 health left (which happened to me a lot). Extra weapons can also be found by exploring, like Thor’s hammer here!

Death’s Door Game Gush Review – Color Palettes

I need to take a moment to praise the color palettes. Death’s Door feels more unique by using these color palettes instead of having a constant color theme. Reaping Commission Headquarters is completely grayscaled (black and gray everywhere) so it has this feeling of, well, death. It’s depressing doom and gloom. The forest takes advantage of green on greens and faded white cobblestones. An icy blue landscape stretches across the snowy mountains. A game is so hard to put down when everything is pleasing to look at.

250 Soul Cookies

Death’s Door is highly recommended for game gushers who enjoy action adventure games, preferably from a top camera angle viewpoint. If you love dark fairy tales or grim stories about death, then you may be enticed by the story alone. I had a blast with Death’s Door and still think about it even after beating the game 2 weeks ago. Definitely a treasured hidden gem! 250 death-defied soul cookies awarded to the Acid Nerve team!

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