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Road 96 – Exhilarating Hitchhiking Adventures About Self Discovery

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Road 96, an exhilarating hitchhiking adventure game. Experience the ultimate road trip!

You caught your favorite cookie completing yet another thrill-seeking adventure. Welcome the mighty Road 96, courtesy of the amazing Xbox Game Pass! This time, I was cast into a deep interactive story developed by DigixArt. Game gushers who love interconnecting storylines will want to continue reading about this special game today. Hitchhiking, solving mysteries, fighting political propaganda. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Let’s hit the road and find out more about Zoe and the other main characters in the Road 96 Game Gush Review on the Xbox Series X!

road 96 xbox game review zoe

Hitchhiking on Road 96

I am going to go with the flow for my Road 96 game gush review! That’s exactly what you do in the game so I think it’s poetic to do the same here. Players start Road 96 by taking on the role of a teenager who is hitchhiking on one of many routes to the border of Petria (fictional state/country/province). There is a brief cutscene that plays before taking control of the teenager. It’s a TV news channel talking about a horrible accident that occurred 10 years ago (1986 in the game) in Petria.

road 96 xbox game review

Road 96 is About Crossing the Border of Petria

 As a teenage hitchhiker, the player’s goal is to reach the border at the end of Road 96. Ideally, to cross the border without being arrested or killed. Road 96 is one of those interactive story games where I was expecting only an hour or two of fun. After I reached the border in less than an hour, I was ready to pack up my things and hit the road myself. I thought that was the end of the journey. From the end screen, the main menu loads up and says “Episode 2” on the game TV. I was so excited to play more! Trust me, the more you play Road 96, the harder it becomes to stop.

Zoe is One (the best) of 8 Main Characters in Road 96

Players will encounter a variety of events between 8 main characters. On the surface, the main characters traveling along Road 96 seem like simple people (except the criminals, I guess lol). A smart kid, a rebellious teenager, a wild truck driver, an obnoxious news anchor, two criminals, a crazy taxi driver, and a soft-hearted cop. I became thrilled to learn how all of their stories connected as I played as many missing teenagers on the run. I won’t spoil anything, but Zoe and the main characters end up being very complex, showcasing a lot of depth during Road 96.

road 96 game zoe

Hitchhiking Events

Speaking of events in Road 96, most encounters will be with the 8 main characters. Players will perform a ton of crazy tasks on their hitchhiking adventures. Pumping gas, bartending, playing air hockey, and hiding a body (yes, you read that correctly), just to name a few odd ones! The next hitchhike is always so unpredictable, which adds to the reason why players won’t want to put Road 96 down. Along the way, there are also a few places to explore. Game gushers who love to search every nook and cranny will discover secrets and plenty of easter eggs! My favorite one being a miniature dinosaur-shaped water kettle you can use to water plants and boost your luck/karma.

Fate of Petria Relies on Player Choices

Like other story-driven games, the fate of Road 96 rests on the shoulders of the player. Do you believe in totalitarianism? Will voting for another leader result in a better future? Perhaps you think the most effective way to make a change is with a revolution! Or maybe under the threat of survival, you simply cross the border with no care for the world of Petria.

road 96 xbox game review

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