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A cast iron skillet smolders on the stove. The game chef down at The Outsiders (now part of Funcom) twirls menacingly in a gothic apron. They throw in a thick glob of metal music. Rhythm games are diced on the cutting board and slid into the skillet. Vigorous whisking takes place with the addition of voice acting. Hmm, the chef wonders, briefly tasting the cuisine. Just needs a slight pinch of Doom. And bon appetit, mon ami — Metal Hellsinger ascends from the infested ashes!

Metal Hellsinger Game Gush

metal hellsinger the unknown

Welcome to Metal Hellsinger Game Gush, a cataclysm post of positivity for this hardcore beat-sense adventure. Possess the soul of the Unknown, a demoness who has been trapped in Hell for a long, long time. Upon escape, the Unknown has no prior memory, but a voice tells her they have a bone to pick with none other than the Devil itself. A trivial eight planes of Hell are All That Remains in the Hellsinger’s way to reach her goal. So don’t expect any Stairway to Heaven on this journey.

Metal Hellsinger Staying on Beat

metal hellsinger

In regards to gameplay, Metal Hellsinger is an amalgamation of on-time rhythm games and the ferocious gunplay of Doom. Although all the songs are unique, most songs will stay on the same beat throughout the whole game. Using the ultimate ability of the sword, Terminus, is the only event that doubles the speed of the rhythm timer. Attacking on beat is very important in Metal Hellsinger. Scoring a perfect will boost pretty much everything: increased fury, higher damage output, and the crossbow even gains a bonus effect with each arrow. Off-beat hits do the exact opposite: reducing fury, reducing damage output to marshmallows, and let’s not talk about how it just kills the vibe. Hit streaks are also important. The Unknown gains up to 4 passive boons, such as faster ultimate buildup, at certain hit streaks.

FURY Affects Soundtrack

metal hellsinger

Let’s talk about Fury a little more here. Fury is a really cool feature in Metal Hellsinger that fiddles with the audio tracks, specifically the vocal track. Blasting to the beat fills up fury. Fury escalates to x2, x4, x8, and x16. Anything below x16 will play the musical version of the song and reaching x16 will enable the vocal track. It’s such a cool concept because this is another game mechanic to reward players. Want to hear Alissa, Serj, or Tatiana’s beautiful voices? Gotta start slaying with precision haha! I love it!

Metal Hellsinger Weapons from Down Under

metal hellsinger  the unknown

Moving on to weapons and to glory! The Unknown initially wields Terminus, the sword mentioned earlier. It’s an overall balanced tool for cutting any demon down to size. Paz is a marvelous skull with small damage output, but he has a charge attack to crystallize enemies. Four additional weapons are unlocked along the route to Sheol:

  • Persephone, the shotgun of death. Ideal for close range.
  • Twin Hounds, Cerberus (three-headed dog in Greek mythology) and Orthrus (two-headed dog and brother to Cerberus). Overall decent use and damage at any range.
  • Vulcan, the Crossbow, ideal for area damage. Best to use in a crowd of demons
  • Hellcrows, a visual descendant of twin boomerangs. Similar to Twin Hounds for general use and damage output at any range. Does not require to reload!

Metal Hellsinger Difficulty

metal hellsinger

Each level of Hell has 3 difficulties: Lamb, Goat, and Beast. Beast mode is for people who enjoy pain because enemies have more health and hit a lot harder. More enemies also spawn in each enclosed area. Gameplay remains almost the same with each difficulty, but Beast requires a lot more jumping and dashing. Although being a Lamb of God is nice, Beast mode is what I anticipate to be the ultimate experience for Metal Hellsinger when it comes to brutality while jamming out to metal.

Metal Hellsinger Experienced like a Concert

As a video game, Metal Hellsinger is an experience that should be played by all fans of the metal genre. A lot of lore was setup for The Outsider’s version of Heaven and Hell. Soundtracks were highlighted by performances from Serj, Tatiana, Alissa, and other amazing metal vocalists. I think it’s really awesome for the composers, Two Feathers, to use music as an enhancement to gameplay. You just don’t see it that often in video games. If looking for more games in hell, Monster Train is an awesome roguelike deckbuilder you should check out! Anyway, the full game playthrough was like a heavy metal concert in my hands. 2,000 cookies have been delivered to Metal Hellsinger from the Underworld’s best bakery!

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