Welcome to my first impression review of the recently released pirate game, Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale! Come with me as I unravel the secrets of this ambitious game, and explore every corner to find out if it’s worth your time. Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale is a pirate management with strategy turn based naval combat. Also, huge shoutout to Kalypso Media for the free game key!

tortuga a pirate's tale


Jumping into character customization, we have our portrait where we can select between different pirate portraits. In my case, I embody the mighty Cookie BonStrangle, the baddest mother trucker of the seven seas! Next, customize the name of the Flagship. Finally, select the style of the flag banner with a load of bones, spirit animals, and sailor memorabilia. Now the world will tremble at the very sight of you!

GRAPHICS & STORY | Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale

Loading into a new game will show a vast body of water with the captain’s ship floating on top. Rotating the camera will reveal a nearby mass of land and port harbor. The graphics are moderate. That’s not to say the graphics are bad or untextured, just note that the graphics are mid-tier which may put some people off. I have the AMD 6700 XT at high settings and the game runs smoothly at 120 FPS. If you love Sid Meier’s Pirates, then I don’t think the quality of graphics will be an issue.

The story campaign is about being the roughest toughest pirate on the sea and finding the lost Spanish treasure. Campaign missions are available, but they are not time sensitive, so you can really choose to do whatever you please. We also get to meet some famous pirates along the way.

tortuga a pirate's tale


Easy controls with basic steering. Players don’t control the sails or rudders so movement isn’t complicated. I also recommend updating the settings to fast camera speed as the rotating camera feels extremely slow.

Combat is exciting and interesting! Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale is about strategy turn-based naval combat with a slight learning curve, so there’s no swashbuckling with your swords. The first one to two hours of combat will most likely feel difficult before you get the hang of it. However, understanding these complex systems is rewarding and leads to lots and lots of gold!

Combat mechanics include minimum and maximum movement range, which depend on wind direction and speed momentum. Cannon reload rate per turn. Action points and skills. And an attrition mechanic when boarding ships to fight the opponent’s crew to capture the booty.

MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN | Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale

Music is used, but it’s almost unnoticeable. Very soft drifting music which blends into the atmosphere of the fresh salt water sea. For the first few hours, I also thought sea shanties were extinct. But to my delight, I found them! As I earned more captains and captured more ships for my pirate fleet, the beautiful sound of a sea shanty was heard.

Every interaction does have a unique sound effect. The sounds are not overbearing or annoying. The overall quality of sound levels between music, captain dialogue, and combat is very good. If I have to provide any sort of quip, I would agree that the First Mate (advisor) may talk just a little too much in the open world outside of combat.


Now let’s move on to special features and mechanics! Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale uses a fleet mechanic. This is where you control your own fleet of pirates with up to five other captains sporting your banner. Complete objectives of piracy and divide booty among your men to keep morale high. Unlike other games, morale is actually really important. It helps with capturing ships, upkeep regarding supplies, gathering loyal sea man, and gaining experience to level up.

Pillage convoys using up to 18 different types of ships, which can all be captured, including the famous War Galleon and Queen Anne. These all come with strengths and weaknesses for armor, health, upgrade slots, maneuverability, and weight. Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale also has over 30 skills, so you have complete freedom to choose any playstyle at will.

PORT HARBORS | Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale

Every location found will have a Port Harbor. Earn reputation with countries by doing specific quests for that Port Governor to unlock higher upgrades for ships. There’s a trade market with over 20 food items and provisions found among the Seas. Allow consumption on your ship to keep morale high with your seamen during travel.

Of course, there can’t be a port harbor without a lovely tavern. Buy a round of rum to recruit more sea men to the pirate adventures! And what would a Port Harbor be without a Harbormaster? Most ports will have normal maintenance for ship repair, but there are specific ones that allow to purchase the upgrades.

tortuga a pirate's tale

Set Sail Ya Land Lubbers!

If you’re looking for adventure, then look no further than this amazing video game about pirates. With thrilling battles, completely open world, and branching storylines with 10 captains, Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale has a good pace for pirate fans. So put on your captain’s hat and sail off into the horizon for fun, friends, and pirate treasure!

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