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Joon Shining Review

Magic, golf, puzzle platforming, and an epic magic adventure, Joon Shining has created a game that will be unique in your gaming journey!

Are you ready for a gaming experience that combines golf, magic, and mind-bending puzzles? Look no further than Joon Shining, an indie gem from Orchid of Redemption, and thank you for the free game. All opinions on this review are solely my own. As Joon, a young sorceress on a multiversal journey, your mission is to repopulate endangered Dodo birds. How so? By skillfully golfing their eggs into nests across vibrant worlds.

Joon Shining Game Review

An Unusual Tale Unfolds

Following a dispute with a cloud-riding feline, Joon encounters the God of the Void. He warns of upsetting the balance of life by saving the Dodos. This unique narrative explores the circle of life and features engaging interactions between Joon and the other characters.

Puzzle Platformer Challenge

Joon Shining isn’t for the faint-hearted or easily frustrated gamers. This challenging puzzle golf platformer introduces myriad magical mechanics, demanding precision and strategic thinking. Traverse 8 distinct worlds, each with its magical nuances, secrets, and traps, including a forest, underwater oasis, ancient battleground, and the cosmos.

Joon Shining Game Review

Tailored Difficulty with a Twist

While an easy mode offers more shots and linear paths, the overall gameplay remains demanding. Failed attempts may lead to a separate puzzle session in the cosmos, adding an extra layer to the challenge. For those embracing the struggle, Joon Shining offers a whimsical yet masochistic gaming experience. Not only does the game require carefully crafted shots, but also real-time player inputs to produce the most effective shot.

Magic Unleashed

Delve into the magical arsenal of Joon Shining, where telekinesis slows down the ball, fire burns obstacles, magic rings grant flight, and much more. Navigate through bubbles, clouds, bullets, and pipes with your Dodo eggs, encountering living bushes that add an adorable challenge to your journey.

Joon Shining Game Review

Secrets, Traps, and Collectibles

Many puzzles hide secret teardrop collectibles required to unlock the ultimate true ending. Encounter 100 teardrops across levels, each holding unique challenges. Yellow teardrops collect effortlessly, while blue teardrops demand completing a hazard-free hole.

The Journey’s Verdict

Despite its whimsical appearance, Joon Shining delivers a hardcore puzzle experience that’s both amusing and shocking. Embrace the challenge, traverse vibrant landscapes, and witness the unexpected journey of life, death, and hatching from an egg on a revive course. In the world of puzzle golf, Joon Shining is a wild and uniquely enjoyable adventure.

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