Friends vs Friends is a game that initially promises endless hours of laughter and camaraderie, pitting you and your friends against each other in a wackadoodle deathmatch. But beware, dear gamers, for lurking beneath the surface lies an unfortunate flaw that can turn this jovial adventure into a hair-pulling experience. Join me into the rollercoaster of emotions that is Friends vs Friends! And thank you Brainwash Gang for the free game!

What is Friends vs Friends?

Adrenaline-fueled online PvP shooter where intense combat seamlessly blends with randomized deck building. Select your preferred character, tailor your loadout using a variety of cards, and brace yourself for exhilarating battles that will push your skills to the limit. Engage in fast-paced, chaotic combat in either 1v1 or 2v2 matches. Ascend through player levels, unlock powerful new cards, and upgrades your existing ones. Try out an array of animal characters with their own unique passive skills.

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The Joy of Friendship

The beauty of Friends vs Friends lies in its premise of bringing friends together for some light-hearted competition. Whether you’re testing your reflexes or engaging in hilarious team-based battles, the initial moments are filled with laughter and excitement. The game truly shines when you’re surrounded by a group of friends, all eager to outwit and outplay each other. Watch a full round of emotions in my YouTube battle against AWildScruffy.

Skill-Based Matchmaking: A Blessing and a Curse

Ah, skill-based matchmaking, the double-edged sword of competitive gaming. While it aims to ensure balanced matches, Friends vs Friends takes it to a whole new level of frustration. It’s strange because Friends vs Friends use a level system for unlocking better cards and overpowered cards. But the matchmaking system is skill-based matchmaking, not level-based matchmaking. Scruffy and I were only level 2 and our first opponents were both over level 25.

The Downward Spiral of Friends vs Friends

As you find yourselves getting pummeled into the virtual ground, frustration begins to take hold. The once jovial atmosphere turns into a battlefield of shattered egos and wounded friendships. The promise of a fun-filled gaming session slowly fades away, leaving behind only lingering feelings of inadequacy and despair. How do you compete against rocket launchers and mega turrets when you only have a pistol?

Finding the Silver Lining

While Friends vs Friends may not be the epitome of balanced gameplay, it’s important to remember that sometimes it’s the journey that matters, not the destination. Embrace the chaos, laugh at your failures, and cherish the moments when the stars align and you manage to pull off an unexpected victory against all odds. It’s those rare instances that make the game worth playing, despite its frustrating matchmaking system.

friends vs friends deck building

Friends vs Friends: Unfair Matchmaking Yet Moments of Joy

Friends vs Friends, a game that promises loads of multiplayer fun, ends up being great with friends! If you have no friends, then the unfair matchmaking system will just be a load of pain. The joy and laughter you share with your friends are overshadowed by this imbalance. However, if you’re okay with the chaos and can find happiness in small victories, Friends vs Friends can still give you some enjoyable moments. Maybe keep a stress ball nearby for when things get tough. Or just continue reading with the Top Video Games to Relieve Stress & Soothe Your Soul!

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