Uncover, repair, and restore a captivating assortment of modern-day items and vintage antiques. Created by Claudiu Kiss, the brilliant mind behind PC Building Simulator, The Repair House will be available for PC via Steam on July 19. Get ready to join the rewarding world of restoration and experience the joy of bringing these treasures back to life.

The Repair House cover art

Tranquil Journey of Restoration Mastery

Indulge in a serene restoration simulation where you can dismantle, clean, repair, customize, and even sell a wide range of items. In The Repair House, you’ll restore musical instruments, toys, game consoles, arcade cabinets, and much more. Immerse yourself in the art of meticulous disassembly, Locate individual components and undertake careful restoration and reassembly. Delve into the intricacies of the restoration process. Hone your skills and perfect your craft as you learn, plan, and execute each project with precision.

Transform Ordinary into Extraordinary in The Repair House

Unleash your creativity by designing the most ideal repair house for you this July. Arrange your tools, unlock new equipment, and expand your workspace to unlock exciting restoration opportunities. Transform your newly restored items with the painting station. Color, spray, stamp, and stencil them to your heart’s desire. Use a washing station, workbench, and sandblasting station to master your craft.

Uncover Treasures or Eat Dust in The Repair House

Bid for unique items at auction houses. Explore forgotten barns for rare treasures. Scour the flea market for hidden gems! Restore these finds and reap substantial profits. Dare to take risks by bidding on abandoned storage lots, where you can only guess their contents from the outside? Will you strike gold or come up empty-handed?

Key Features in The Repair House:

  • Establish and manage your own repair house in a relaxing yet engaging repair and restoration game, created by the original developer of PC Building Simulator.
  • Discover a diverse selection of items to repair, customize, and restore, ranging from musical instruments and arcade cabinets to antiques and toys.
  • Explore auction houses, barns, and flea markets, participating in bidding wars and uncovering valuable items for restoration.
  • Customize your workspace and level up to become the ultimate repair house.

“Claudiu’s expertise in the repair genre has greatly influenced the game, and we’re confident that the wide array of objects, locations, mechanics, and customization options in The Repair House will offer players a relaxing and enjoyable experience,” said Rob Feather, Product Manager at Fireshine Games. “The process of disassembling in-game objects is captivating, appealing to the curiosity of players who yearn to explore their inner workings. We can’t wait for players to dive into their own workshops and construct the ultimate repair house later this month.”

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