Welcome adventurers of the digital realm! Picture this: you’re embarking on an epic journey through the nine mystical realms, where gods and mortals clash in breathtaking battles. Behold, the realm of gaming has bestowed upon us the enchanting marvel known as Nine Realms Revolt – a deckbuilder that’ll leave you spellbound and craving more! And thank you to One Up Plus for the early access and free game!

Nine Realms Revolt first look cover art

Where Cards Echo Norse Legends

Imagine Magic: The Gathering’s artistic charm but with a twist inspired by the legendary Norse sagas. The cards themselves are canvases painted with captivating visuals. From detailed dragons flaunting their power to nature-based druids communing with ancient forces. From mesmerizing mermaids that beckon from the depths to the serpentine spawn of Jormungandr. In Nine Realms Revolt, each card unveils a fragment of Norse mythology’s grand tapestry.

Nine Realms Revolt
sim the first dragon card - green affinity

Embrace the Factions of the Nine Realms

Like the colorful strands of Yggdrasil, the World Tree, Five Factions await your command! Loyal yellow faeries will fill your hand, while fiery red dwarves and giants unleash damage. Blackened cards command the undead, verdant green nurtures unstoppable warriors, and cunning blue schemes with traps and spells. Don’t worry, Nine Realms Revolt let’s you mix up to three colors for a concoction that suits your legendary taste!

Nine Realms Revolt: A Heroic Norse Quest

Brace yourself for an odyssey steeped in Norse mythology! With a campaign mode spanning 50 levels of escalating challenges, you’ll feel the weight of your own heroic saga. You step into the role of a light elf on a quest to avenge the passing of his wolf mother. As you journey through Nine Realms Revolt, you’ll make interesting enemies and befriend unexpected rivals. Dive into the sea of lore and gradually unlock more cards to bolster your arsenal as you progress – a tale of discovery and conquest.

Nine Realms Revolt
Fjolnir the wood elf

Banners and Battlegrounds: Tri-Lane Triumph

Like a fearless Viking, you’ll wage your wars across three lanes, battling for dominance and glory. How to win? To obliterate your adversary’s banners with any means possible. Within each lane, two creature slots stand ready, along with a strategic trap slot, paving the way for dynamic and tactical gameplay. Most card effects unleash upon play or trigger on their death. When a banner is hit, a rally card may also take effect from your deck. The realm of possibilities for gameplay is nothing short of astonishing. Nine Realm Revolt promises an adventure where every move counts and surprises await at every turn.

Nine Realms Revolt Dicey Delights

Here’s where the fun truly ignites, like the black forge of the gods themselves. Within each lane, a solitary die stands as both sentinel and potential game-changer. Left unattended, it becomes an additional bastion of defense for the lane, fortifying your position. Yet, the die’s true power emerges when strategically placed upon a card, imbuing the creature with a surge of strength – a +1 boost to both attack and health. Placing the die on specific cards may also leave you grinning like Loki at his latest prank because they offer additional effects.

Nine Realms Revolt
Jati the Sunchaser card - yellow affinity

Drafting Destiny in Nine Realms Revolt

As you craft your own saga in the campaign, you are free to use custom decks. However, should you yearn to truly challenge the tactician within, the siren call of the draft mode awaits. Select 1 out of 3 cards round by round until your deck has 40 cards. Yet, the journey has only begun, for you must then steel yourself for a formidable quest: 7 consecutive victories. Nine Realms Revolt’s draft mode is an arena where your mastery over chance and strategy is stretched to its limits.

Unleash the Norse Odyssey: Where Cards and Dice Converge

So, whether you’re drawing elves from golden realms, weaving spells in the cobalt mist, or forging an alliance of fiery dwarves and indomitable warriors… Nine Realms Revolt promises a Norse deckbuilder like no other. From challenging campaigns to exhilarating drafts, it’s a realm where cards and dice conspire to create a symphony of strategic might.

A Gem Worthy of Odin’s Approval

By Odin’s beard, there’s no doubt that this deckbuilder is a gaming gem. I can’t wait until you will have a chance to play! I highly recommend adding this to your Steam wishlist if you enjoy deckbuilders. Sharpen your axes, conjure your spells, and dive into the Nine Realms Revolt – where myths, magic, and cards converge! Skål!

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