In Pool Cleaning Simulator, players don their virtual pool boy hats and embark on a mission to transform grimy pools into sparkling oases. With an array of tools at your disposal, this game invites you to embrace the art of pool maintenance, one sponge swipe at a time. Thank you to Rubens Games and FreeMind S.A. for the free game!

Aqua Realism: Pool Cleaning Simulator

Pool Cleaning Simulator’s water simulation boasts impressively realistic volumetric physics. Watching the pool fill up over time is strangely therapeutic, adding a layer of relaxation to the cleaning process. Each environment feels distinct, offering a refreshing change of scenery as you tackle pools of varying shapes and sizes. At the time of playing, there are only 5 levels. It’s not a lot of content, but I think the diversity is there.

pool cleaning simulator hotel pool being filled with real water physics simulation

Tools of the Trade: From Sponge to Power Washer

Starting with nothing more than a sponge and a dream, players graduate to wielding UV lamps and underwater vacuum cleaners. Pool Cleaning Simulator has you embody the most sophisticated pool boy/girl in the business. However, tool management could use a tune-up. The need to fetch and return each tool individually from the van becomes a tiresome task. A tool utility belt or toolbox purchase option could streamline this process, preventing unnecessary time wasted heading back-and-forth. There is also no option to hide the HUD.

Pool Cleaning Simulator: Piranhas and Puzzling Incidents

Pool Cleaning Simulator doesn’t shy away from throwing curveballs though. From fishing piranhas out of hotel pools to addressing poolside “accidents” (or potential crime scene?), the game takes some unexpected turns. Other reviewers feel that the blood scene was off-putting from what appears to be a game made for all ages. Imagine buying Pool Cleaning Simulator for some harmless fun, and then wonder how you arrived at Criminal Minds. I do like the unpredictableness, all things considered.

Vacuuming Woes: Sinking into Monotony

While Pool Cleaning Simulator excels in diversifying cleaning tasks, the underwater pool vacuum cleaner plunges into a dull routine. Spending extended periods vacuuming the pool floor can become a chore, draining the excitement from an otherwise engaging experience. For example, it took 15 real-time minutes to clean the floor of a school swimming pool with the vacuum cleaner. A tweak in this aspect could keep players afloat and prevent them from reaching a cleaning burnout (which I had).

pool cleaning simulator underwater robot vacuum cleaner

Final Verdict: Ripples of Potential

Pool Cleaning Simulator dives headfirst into the world of virtual cleaning with a unique premise and realistic water physics. The variety of pools and unexpected challenges create a dynamic experience. However, the vacuuming process can become a sluggish endeavor. Picking up one item at a time and taking multiple trips to your van deflates the gaming experience from a quality of life viewpoint. With a few adjustments, this game has the potential to make an even bigger splash in the simulation gaming scene.

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