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Why IT’S A WRAP is PERFECT for Puzzle Platformer Gamers

Experience the ultimate blend of action, puzzles, and nostalgia in It’s A Wrap! Unleash your inner 80s action star!

If you’re craving a blend of directing, editing, puzzle-solving, and platforming action, It’s A Wrap delivers a knockout performance. Stepping into the shoes of an 80s action star and his director, you’ll perform stellar action scenes and have a whole lot of fun piecing it together! Let’s talk about that. And thank you to Chanko Studios for the free game.

it's a wrap is a perfect puzzle platformer

It’s A Wrap! – A Genre-Bending Delight

As a big fan of 80s action flicks like Die Hard and Escape From New York, It’s A Wrap is like a cherry on top. The game brilliantly fuses various gaming elements, creating a delightful mashup of genres that keeps you on your toes. Whether it’s orchestrating the perfect scene as the director or executing death-defying stunts as the actor, It’s A Wrap seamlessly flips between the two roles.

it's a wrap editing timeline with boss battle scene

Thrilling Puzzles: Brain-Teasing Adventures

All scenes in It’s a Wrap are meticulously crafted puzzles, ready to challenge your wit and creativity. From evading a helicopter and a tank amidst a snowy mountain to orchestrating a high-stakes train track switcheroo, each level offers a fresh and engaging puzzle to crack. I found myself immersed in these challenges! Every solution gives a sense of accomplishment that makes you feel, well, smart.

it's a wrap editing timeline with mine carts level

Embracing Failure in It’s A Wrap!

Failing as an actor is part of the thrill. Where some games are frustrating to lose, this one emulates a positive tone even through trial-by-error. Who knew running into a giant snowball or escaping a flaming boat could be so much fun? I really enjoyed evading the police in a flying car too. I often found myself marveling at the clever ways the scenes were constructed. The developers have masterfully crafted a series of scenes that are as entertaining as they are challenging.

Actor hit by a snowball rolling down mountain

Exploring Cinematic Worlds

Navigating It’s A Wrap’s level design is a joy in itself. There are 3 films total, each with many scenes that display the developers’ creativity and ingenuity. Take a leap in an Indiana Jones-inspired adventure. Fly into the Infinity and Beyond of space. Escape a near death explosion by jumping out of a skyscraper and then landing on a Harley to then do a wheelie off into the highway!

Underground tomb level inspired by Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider

Mastering Action Sequences in It’s A Wrap!

Thanks to the easy and simple controls, performing action scenes are thrilling. The timing of sequences are super tight, so it’s important that the controls feel smooth. When you run the scene as the actor, you must know how the scene goes to avoid doing a retake. I really like how although I’m playing a game, it’s also an analogy to actors needing to remember how the script plays out.

it's a wrap lava scene with actor hopping over lava to rocks

The High-Octane Storyline

The narrative of It’s a Wrap is fast-paced and moves to the next scene as soon as possible. I actually prefer this for these types of puzzle platformers. Following the brief backstage relationships of the actors and crew still adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the game. The cutscenes provide more context and motivation behind the film crew. There’s also secret rooms in a few levels to add a short touch of replayability or to sniff out the achievement hunters. Obtaining 100% completion will take about 9-10 hours.

Actress kissing the idol

A Triumph of Creativity and Craftsmanship

It’s A Wrap is a gaming triumph, combining the best elements of directing, editing, puzzles, and platforming into a single, unforgettable experience. With its engaging gameplay, clever puzzles, and a visual storyline that hits all the right notes, this game is a perfect game for puzzle platformer fans! So, grab your director’s chair and get ready for a nostalgia-fueled joyride through 1980s Hollywood. It’s A Wrap is a blockbuster in every sense of the word!

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