Lies of P: Dark Lore in Steampunk Twist on a Classic Tale

Uncover the dark steampunk lore of Lies of P, a twisted adaptation of Pinocchio’s tale. Dive into a world of puppetry and chaos.

Lies of P is a captivating fusion of steampunk aesthetics, puppetry, infectious diseases, and a morbid narrative. While it embraces the challenging gameplay reminiscent of the Dark Souls series, the game distinguishes itself with its intriguing storyline. Developed by Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio, Lies of P reimagines the beloved Italian children’s fantasy novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio. I will delve into the game’s rich lore, providing a glimpse into the dark world it crafts. SPOILERS AHEAD so this is your warning if you plan to play Lies of P.

Lies of P: The Puppet Frenzy

Firstly, the game never specifically states the character’s name is Pinocchio. They call us Stalker or Geppetto’s puppet. For simple terms, I’ll still call him Pinocchio. Lies of P opens with Pinocchio, a special puppet crafted by Geppetto, being awakened by a mysterious blue butterfly—an homage to the Fairy with Azure hair from the original tale. The story takes a sinister turn as a catastrophic event known as the Puppet Frenzy has transformed all puppets into ruthless killers, plunging the region of Krat into chaos and violence.

lies of p photo
Geppetto's puppet sitting in a chair and a blue butterfly sits on his chest

The P-Organ: A Unique Heart

Pinocchio stands out in Lies of P due to his possession of a special heart called a P-Organ, which, along with Ergo (life essence), grants him the ability to feel and make independent choices. This game challenges the notion of the truth, suggesting that lying is an intrinsic part of humanity. It portrays lying as an act born from compassion. The game leaves the choice to the player: remain a mindless puppet who does not lie or simply embrace one’s humanity.

lies of p photo with golden steampunk heart called a P-Organ

Eugenie’s Revelation: One of Many Intricate Stories

Alidoro the Hound, a revered treasure hunter and protector, offers players opportunities in Lies of P to exchange rare souls for unique weapons and amulets. Meanwhile, Pinocchio’s weapon blacksmith, Eugenie, grew concerned about him throughout the story. Alidoro had saved her a long time ago, but he did not recognize her now. As the story continues, there are hints that he’s actually not the famed Alidoro from legend. Probing further reveals he’s Alidoro’s jealous friend who had killed him when the puppet frenzy occurred and then took his mantle. Naturally, I struck him down for Eugenie. He had lore on his body that revealed the true Alidoro was, in fact, Eugenie’s older brother. Ah, beautiful lore, I love it!


The Lady in Red: Another of Many Intricate Stories

Though the iconic whale/shark is absent in Lies of P, Pinocchio embarks on a submarine adorned to resemble it—a clever nod to the original story. Anyway, the enigmatic Lady in Red, a gifted actress and singer, once enthralled audiences with her multi-faceted performances. All 3 characters in the play were revealed to be none other than the Lady in Red. Tragically, she met her end during the Puppet Frenzy. Players encounter the vengeful Lady in White, whose fiery attack stems from her deep-seated resentment towards puppets. She tells Pinocchio no matter how hard he tries to hide it, a musician’s ear can always hear the springs in his body. Defeating her uncovers the revelation that she is the Lady in Red’s sister, shedding light on her animosity.

lies of p photo 
the puppet frenzy

The Black Cat, Red Fox, and the King of Riddles

Staying true to the classic narrative, the cunning Black Cat and Red Fox maintain their roles in Lies of P as crafty thieves, manipulating Pinocchio until the game’s climax. Meanwhile, the King of Riddles takes a thrilling turn, evolving into a serial killer reveling in toying with humans—an embodiment of chaos. The suspenseful reveal of everyone’s story added so much depth that I kept wanting more and more.

Embracing the Morbid in Lies of P

For those drawn to dark storylines, Lies of P offers a feast of morbidity. Throughout the 20+ hour gameplay, you’ll encounter a plethora of equally enthralling tales. The post credits cutscene also shows Dorothy’s slippers from The Wizard of Oz, so I really hope this is a full sequel in the works, and not a simple DLC. As the first game from a new studio, it stands a testament to the power of reimagining classic tales, infusing them with a steampunk flair and a dark, compelling narrative. From Pinocchio’s awakening to the revelations surrounding pivotal characters, the game weaves a beautiful web of rich lore.

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I couldn’t finish the demo of this game. The combat system just didn’t do it for me. I’ve played Souls-like games before but this was just a miss.

I know what you mean. There are 3 endings but I just could not do a NG+ run for them because I really didn’t enjoy the combat gameplay. The one thing that kept me playing until the end was wanting to know the story behind the characters. Wonky gameplay but superb world lore! 😅

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