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For The King 2 Review: Dicey Adventures in Strategic RPG

For The King 2: strategic RPG blending tabletop and roguelike elements. I delve into the unique dice roll system, unbalanced combat, & more!

For The King 2 beckons players into a compelling strategic RPG adventure that seamlessly blends tabletop and roguelike elements. My exploration of this dynamic realm unveiled both commendable features and areas for improvement. This imbalance established a nuanced perspective on the game’s overall experience. I’ll delve into the unique yet familiar dice roll system, timeline encounters, combat mechanics, and more. Now let’s head out on our grand adventure in my completely honest review, and thank you to IronOak Games for the free game!

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Managing Four Characters for Solo and Co-op

The expanded party control, allowing players to manage four characters, injects depth into solo and cooperative play. Although we start with only 5 classes, the ability to unlock up to 12 characters with unique perks and skills adds complexity and replayability. A new adventure in For The King 2 will provide each character with 5 loadout points. You can spend these on starting equipment, items, or herbs. I love the loadout system. You can also unlock more options for your loadout which I’ll talk about further in the review.

I strongly recommend diving into solo campaign for approximately 30 minutes before venturing into the online realm with friends. Tutorials crucial for understanding For The King 2’s mechanics are exclusively available in the solo campaign. Skipping this solo initiation may leave you grappling with crucial information gaps.

For The King 2 Keeps Its Stylized Charm

For The King 2 retains the beloved stylized graphics of the original, incorporating subtle enhancements to elevate the overall visual quality. The art style maintains a charming aesthetic that complements the game’s fantasy setting. Many visual aspects feel the same, but the standard text is naturally small and hard to read. I do recommend going into the settings for accessibility and switching the text to Large.

for the king 2 showcasing stylized graphics during turn based combat

Dice Rolling Delight: Unpredictable Adventures

For The King 2 unfolds as an exhilarating tabletop RPG experience, showcasing a meticulously balanced dice rolling system. Dice rolls are used in movement, ambushing enemies, sneaking past enemies, attacking in combat, and randomized events during exploration. Each roll brings an element of uncertainty, shrouding the adventure in a perpetual aura of mystery. My wife and I, avid fans of For The King, appreciate the continuity as the dice roll system remains exactly the same. This shared excitement is further amplified when we play together. Each encounter is turned into a collaborative journey filled with unexpected twists.

For example, my blunderhead blacksmith attempted to win candy from a seemingly innocent candy machine. However, instead of a stat-boosting treat, my character found himself poisoned. There’s also amusement when I mock an enemy for missing an attack, and then end up whiffing myself. These unpredictable hilarious moments, where the ordinary turns sour, underscore why For The King 2 truly shines when experienced with friends and people you care about.

For The King 2 Unbalanced Combat

Adding a new grid system to turn-based combat in For The King 2 is a refreshing change. Moving characters on the grid is necessary against certain enemies to avoid heavy splash damage. Environmental effects may also effect tiles on the battlefield. Trust me, you don’t want to get wet or get caught on fire.

However, the combat’s difficulty, even on the supposed easy setting, may prove challenging for newcomers. The unbalanced nature of combat, particularly between levels 2-6, raises my concerns about the game’s learning curve and accessibility. Even turn-based veterans will find the Journeyman difficulty a bit brutal for new players. Even after scouting edges of the map for the best loot, For The King 2 will beat the snot out of your nose. There were several times when my wife and I were a whole level above an enemy group. The enemies still hit for over 30 damage. My blacksmith had 18 armor from equipment and still took up to 22 damage per hit after mitigation. Ouch!

For The King 2 Has Problems with Pacing

The fast-paced nature of quest progression imposes a more aggressive playstyle, which does limit opportunities for immersive roleplaying. Players who prefer a more deliberate and strategic approach to exploration and decision-making will feel the pain with the accelerated timeline events. As your online party goes further into For The King 2, roleplaying may become difficult when you never have a chance to truly slow down between quests.

Lore Store: Unlocking the Unknown

The new Lore Book currency introduces a compelling progression element, allowing players to unlock various classes, items, and traits over time. The Lore Store introduces a unique system for unlocking items which affect the loadout points when starting a new adventure. Yet, the Lore Store lacks clarity on how to unlock them. This can lead to frustration for players eager to explore the full range of available options without clear guidance on how to unlock them. I’m sure a majority of players would be trying to figure out how to unlock more characters.

For The King 2 Wrap Up

For The King 2 stands as a captivating strategic RPG adventure, with strengths in gameplay variety, visual aesthetics, and innovative combat mechanics. However, challenges in balancing combat difficulty, procedural generation limitations, and quest pacing hinder the game’s potential for a truly immersive experience. Despite these shortcomings, For The King 2 still has an amazing charm, especially playing with friends! Enthusiasts of the tabletop RPG genre and existing fans of For The King won’t need to worry about good times and laughter.

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