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Top Video Games that Will Calm Your Mind and Soothe Your Soul

Plenty of gamers out there need some way to relax after a long day. Here are 9 video games that you need to play to relieve stress today!

New PS4 Games June 2021
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5 Best New PS4 Games Coming Out June 2021

Hello friends and gamers, June is here! It’s time to check out the 5 best and most hype new PS4 games coming out in the next few weeks! All 5 […]

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Game Gush: Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

Hello friends and gamers, you’ve just gained entry into the Kookie Koliseum, the grandest arena of Outworld! Welcome, all to the Game Gush Show, featuring your latest champion, Mortal Kombat […]


Video Game Difficulty Debate

Hello friends and gamers, I was scrolling across Twitter-topia today when Xbox posted a tweet that spawned many mixed responses. If you have seen other posts on my blog, you’ll […]

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Game Gush: Dragon’s Dogma

Capcom. Ohhh Caaaapcom! Why are you hiding from me? I need you to make a sequel for an amazing video game known as Dragon’s Dogma! Now for anyone who hasn’t […]

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Game Gush: Sherlock Holmes Video Game Series

Are you fond of British accents and witty banter and riddles? Specifically when referring to the Sherlock Holmes video game series? Me too!