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5 Best New PS4 Games Coming Out June 2021

Hello friends and gamers, June is here! It’s time to check out the 5 best and most hype new PS4 games coming out in the next few weeks! All 5 […]

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Game Gush: Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

Hello friends and gamers, you’ve just gained entry into the Kookie Koliseum, the grandest arena of Outworld! Welcome all to the Game Gush Show, featuring your latest champion, Mortal Kombat […]

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Video Game Difficulty Debate

Hello friends and gamers, I was scrolling across Twitter-topia today when Xbox posted a tweet that spawned many mixed responses. If you have seen other posts on my blog, you’ll […]

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Game Gush: Dragon’s Dogma

Capcom. Ohhh Caaaapcom! Why are you hiding from me? I need you to make a sequel for an amazing video game known as Dragon’s Dogma! Now for anyone who hasn’t […]

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Game Gush: Sherlock Holmes Series — The Achievement That Got Away

Hello friends and gamers, welcome to the Cookie Jar, a place where I like to eat cookies and talk about my favorite video games! Do you get excited when using […]

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Stress-Free! 9 Video Games You Need to Play to Relieve Stress

Affiliate Disclosure: Click on the product links you are interested in to view the products on Amazon! I earn commissions for purchases made through links on the post and at […]

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Game Gush: Maneater – Shark vs Man

Hello friends and gamers, Maneater is a lovely feast fest developed by Tripwire Interactive and released in May 2020. In Maneater, play as a newborn shark that is sliced out […]